Friday, 3 November 2017

Sporting Recognition

Sports Awards Evening

I was delighted to be able to attend Sports Awards Evening, hosted by our PE department, to celebrate the success of Winston students in sixteen teams and a significant number of individual elite athletes and leaders. We were very fortunate to welcome Shona McCallin, who won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics, as part of the GB Hockey team, as our guest speaker and to award the prizes.

Shona spoke about her journey to Olympic success and the commitment that she had made to achieving at the highest level in her chosen sport.  Her love of the sport of hockey has ensured that she found the determination to succeed and Shona emphasised how important it is to enjoy what you do.  That you have to make sacrifices to be the best but that by managing your time and making the most of every opportunity you enhance your life.  The message to our students was very clearly do not give up if things get tough, find the resilience to drive forward.

Students, parents and staff enjoyed the presentation of the awards and I would like to thank Mr Weale for organising the event and the PE Department for ensuring that students have such opportunities to participate and lead everyday at Winston.

Well done, it was a great evening celebrating a great year of sport at Winston.