Monday, 6 November 2017


Our Library

I had the opportunity to visit the library on Friday, so wearing a hard hat and a high visibility vest  I went with Mr Phillips and Peter, the Site Manager, inside the structure. The images below highlight the progress being made:

 This is part of the ground floor.  The reception desk will be built around the pillars.
 The cradles for the cabling is being fitted.
 The window seats are visible.
 Looking through the length of the building.

 First floor; the dome of the planetarium will be built here.

 A glass wall looking out over the school.
 The first floor window seats.
 The new roof line.
The curve of the first floor, where eventually the staircase will be built.

Next week the windows will be delivered and installed and then the floors can be completed. Following the this the dome will be built and moved into position.
The aim is to complete the project by March 2018.