Sunday, 26 November 2017

Our School this Week

Assembly This Week

Mr French posed the question, 'what does it mean to be confident?' Students were asked to reflect on how different people behave and what characteristics they show.  Mr French challenged students to think about the use of 'selfies', the very artificial images that are posted, often with  'fish-like pouting' from the individual.  He asked why do people post such strange pictures of themselves, what are they trying to achieve? Does it say that they are confident or are they lacking in confidence?  An important aspect of the assembly was the impact of other people on the way we feel about ourselves.

The Suffragette Project

You will recall from a previous blog that 8WG, a Grammar Stream Group, are working with the Surrey History Centre to find out about Suffragette's in Surrey.  This will them help them to prepare their part of a radio play which will be recorded in January.  Our section of the play is 'The Protest' and during this second session students were developing the characters and the dialogue.  They had to consider who would be at the protest, their jobs and something about the lives of people during this period of our history.  I witnessed the students engage in a lively debate and they shared some great ideas with Jane and Grant, the team from the centre.

Stars in Our School

We have all been celebrating the work of our support staff this week.  Students identified someone who had helped them in school and wrote messages on stars, which we have displayed in our main entrance.  Small gifts were then distributed by our Student Well-being Team. 

Some of our stars!