Thursday, 16 November 2017

Making a Difference

Anti-bullying Assemblies

Our Well-Being Team planned and delivered an assembly aimed at celebrating our differences and asking everyone to question how we treat others, including our friends.  This included the use of social media and the message was reinforced by a very moving film, made by a mother, about the traumatic outcome of this type of bullying from 'frenemies'.  The link to the film will be on Frog, in the area for PSHCE, to enable you to follow this up and to talk about these issues at home. 

Sports Leaders

Our Sports Prefects were invited for hot chocolate and cakes, by the PE Department, to say thank you for the wonderful support given to the department during Sports Awards Evening and throughout the year.  these student exemplify leadership at Winston.

Developing New Skills

Three students in Year 10 are learning the art of barista and have proved to be outstanding.  They are not only developing the skill of making excellent coffee but have improved their social skills through the need to acquire customer service skills.  Well done! 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

At Winston...

Assemblies this Week

Mrs Markham delivered a thought-provoking session on the theme of Remembrance.

The Dome Arrives

The eight, carefully engineered sections of the planetarium dome arrived in school on Wednesday.  They will be stored while the base is built on the newly finished floor and the windows are fitted.  progress with this project is now highly visible and I am now able to start the process of ordering the items of furniture and kit required to ensure that it is fully operational as soon as possible!

Learning Review

Parents and students met with their teachers this week to look at how to improve learning both inside and beyond the classroom.  Year 7 and 8 focussed on the Winston Competencies and how developing these key skills will support their progress throughout their time now and after Winston.  Year 11, with only 6 months to their final examinations, have looked at their need to prioritise their time, maximise lessons and engage in the intervention programme available.

Monday, 13 November 2017


Remembrance Day

On Sunday 12th November Winston Churchill School played a key role in the community's Remembrance Sunday service in Jubilee Square, Woking. Our Head Boy and Head Girl, Eddie Day and Maisie Hopkins, lay the wreath underneath the memorial with representatives from cadet groups, the scout movement, local army barracks, military veterans, as well as religious and political leaders. We had our Senior Prefects Lyndon Khan, Jessica Wheeler, Nishant Vats and Charlie Wayne handing out the Service of Remembrance booklets to both organisations within the Square and members of the public. All dressed in their school uniform in a biting wind, they remained composed and professional throughout.  It was lovely to also see dozens of Winston students dressed in their cadet or scout group uniforms standing around the Square, taking the time to show their respect for those who gave their lives, fighting for us.

This year we also provided the Service of Remembrance's poem. The English department held a war poetry competition in October and the winner chosen from a short list of four poems was Freya Edward's poem 'The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month'. It was incredible during the service how she confidently read her poem to a crowd of over three hundred people. Standing in the audience, Ms Elkington, Ms Perkins, Mr Johnson and Ms Strachan, felt proud to be associated with Winston Churchill School and would like to say thank you to all the students who shivered their way through the service, giving up their Sunday morning to help the local community remember.

Suffragette Radio Show

8WG took a trip to the Surrey History Centre on Wednesday morning.  Their aim was to find out about Suffragette's in Surrey to help them prepare their radio play which will be recorded in January.  24 of the students arrived at the Surrey History Centre at 9:30am and were greeted by Jane, the producer and organiser of the project, and Grant, the script-writer.  Students took part in three different activities.  Students were given a tour of the centre which was really exciting and interesting.  They first visited the archaeology room and saw some artefacts from a WW1 and WW2 prisoner of war camp that had recently been excavated.  The tour also included meeting Jeff who restored documents, and a visit to the archives where there were 6 miles of documents with the oldest document dating from the twelfth century.  Students were allowed to handle and interact with some of the material from the archives.  They examined it to try and gain a better understanding of the Suffragette movement in Surrey and the actions the Suffragettes took.

The rest of the students worked with Grant to start creating characters for the radio play.  They were given copies of the 1911 census from Peaslake in Surrey and were invited to choose a person that they could build a character around.  It was really interesting to find out the different occupations held at this time with 'cowman' being the most popular among the students!  Students really engaged with the census' and realised that you could find out a lot about people from the time, for example the size of their house, and the fact that a men and boys had more of a chance of education than women and girls.  The students had a fantastic time describing where their character lived and what secrets they might have.

Jane and Grant are coming back to work with us again on 22nd November where students will be developing their scripts.  In history lessons we will continue with some other work, but will dedicate another lesson to a bit more research into the Suffragettes and Suffragists, and what life was like during the early 1900s.

Also we owe a massive thanks to Mrs Harper, Mr Smith and Mr Jennings for taking us there and back in the mini bus!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare Schools' Festival

Monday 6th November at G Live, Guildford

The Senior Leadership Team enjoyed a great evening of Shakespeare at G Live.  The programme consisted of four productions from four local schools. Each one presented a unique perspective on the chosen play and the students from the schools were focussed and delivered great performances.  Congratulations to all of the schools involved.

Our students performed a 30 minute version of Romeo and Juliet and rose to the challenge.  Mrs Remnant had promised a 'gritty' performance and the students delivered.  Their enjoyment and commitment to the play shone through.  Well done to the cast and the technical team for representing the school in such a positive way.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Our Library

I had the opportunity to visit the library on Friday, so wearing a hard hat and a high visibility vest  I went with Mr Phillips and Peter, the Site Manager, inside the structure. The images below highlight the progress being made:

 This is part of the ground floor.  The reception desk will be built around the pillars.
 The cradles for the cabling is being fitted.
 The window seats are visible.
 Looking through the length of the building.

 First floor; the dome of the planetarium will be built here.

 A glass wall looking out over the school.
 The first floor window seats.
 The new roof line.
The curve of the first floor, where eventually the staircase will be built.

Next week the windows will be delivered and installed and then the floors can be completed. Following the this the dome will be built and moved into position.
The aim is to complete the project by March 2018.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Sporting Recognition

Sports Awards Evening

I was delighted to be able to attend Sports Awards Evening, hosted by our PE department, to celebrate the success of Winston students in sixteen teams and a significant number of individual elite athletes and leaders. We were very fortunate to welcome Shona McCallin, who won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics, as part of the GB Hockey team, as our guest speaker and to award the prizes.

Shona spoke about her journey to Olympic success and the commitment that she had made to achieving at the highest level in her chosen sport.  Her love of the sport of hockey has ensured that she found the determination to succeed and Shona emphasised how important it is to enjoy what you do.  That you have to make sacrifices to be the best but that by managing your time and making the most of every opportunity you enhance your life.  The message to our students was very clearly do not give up if things get tough, find the resilience to drive forward.

Students, parents and staff enjoyed the presentation of the awards and I would like to thank Mr Weale for organising the event and the PE Department for ensuring that students have such opportunities to participate and lead everyday at Winston.

Well done, it was a great evening celebrating a great year of sport at Winston.