Friday, 20 October 2017

Careers Day

Our Careers Fair

Well done to everyone for ensuing that our Careers Fair was a great success, providing an invaluable experience for all of our students. 

With over fifty exhibitors, from across a range of industry sectors and colleges, students had an opportunity to talk through their options.  Each exhibitor discussed the range of roles within each business and they were impressed with the quality of questions that the students asked.  We appreciated the time given by businesses and colleges to support our students; it makes such a difference for young people to have the opportunity to talk to people actually working in each sector.

I would like to thank the Winston Team for ensuring the success of the event, with a special mention for Mrs Merryweather for all of her hard work and organisational skills.

Two of the many compliments received from the exhibitors:

Dear Marie,

On behalf of Steve and myself, I would like to thank you once again for inviting us along to represent the veterinary profession.

The day was wonderfully organised, from the initial greeting when we arrived to being escorted to our table.

The students we spoke to were a joy and we enjoyed educating them on the different roles there are within a veterinary surgery.

A thoroughly enjoyable day and we look forward to next year!!
Kind regards, Helen & Steve

Vets4Pets Byfleet

Luke and I just wanted to say thank you for inviting us to the Careers Fair today.
We very much enjoyed the day and loved meeting all the students.
We thought that the event was very well managed, from the first email, until we left the event this afternoon. 
We hope that you will also pass our thanks to the students who looked after us so well.  We were provided with an endless stream of tea and coffee, which makes us very happy 😊
We look forward to meeting you all again soon, and welcoming lots of your students to our training sessions and open evenings over the coming months.
With Thanks,
Claire Funnell & Luke Tuffs
Pulse Chertsey Football Academy.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Year 11 Step Up!

Top of the World Challenge

Earlier this term Y11 were set the challenge of collectively walking/ running/ cycling or rowing the distance to "The Top Of The World" in order to raise funds for the charity of their choice, Woking Hospice. 

With the north pole lying 4,673Km away and Mt Everest at 7,406 Km the year group made short work of the closer target and, on Friday 13th October, embraced a 24 hour event to add to their total. The day shift saw members of all 11 tutor groups working hard in 30 minute gym sessions to cover a total 834.28 Km whilst a dedicated band of students stayed at school throughout the night to cover an additional 781.18 Km, with a standout individual effort by Tom Collins cycling 117.4 Km. The 24 hour total of 1615.46 Km has now meant that the year group have now covered 8401.98 Km almost 1000 Km further than the distance to Mt Everest proving that we can achieve great things when we work collectively toward a common goal. Great work Year 11! 

The next step is for the students to collect their sponsorship to reach their fundraising goal of £3,000. Please do dig deep to recognise our students dedicated efforts on behalf of this worthy cause.

 Image 2: 11 LSN covered the greatest distance (103.38Km) during the day.
 Image 1: 11LSN working hard on the dayshift
 Image 3: Mr Quinlan maintains morale with mind boggling card tricks!
 Image 4: The graveyard shift 4:40 a.m. and still going strong!

 Image 5: The last leg their last, 07:50 a.m. Saturday morning.

Saturday, 14 October 2017


Our Library

The library is developing rapidly and the roof is now in place.  The block and brick work have reached the level of the first floor. Students have been interested in the design of the exterior of the building as well as the layout of the interior.  The dormer section of the roof is there to accommodate the dome of the planetarium.
Mrs Cotter has sold a significant number of bricks, which will form a permanent display on the wall of the library, with each brick displaying the name of an individual or family.  If you would like to have your name in our library, email  This is a simply way to make a big difference.

The whole project will now be finished at the end of March 2018!

Friday, 13 October 2017

This Week


Our assemblies this week have been led by Mrs Sigrist and Mrs Mellor.  Students were asked to reflect on their futures and not wasting the life that they have. The Steve Job's speech 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish' was shown.  The message was fill your life with something worthwhile; you need to love what you do to be successful. 

With this in mind it was then appropriate to introduce this year's Careers Day to each year group.

Our Careers Fair takes place on Wednesday 18th October.  We are delighted that so many companies and colleges have agreed to support this event.  All of our students will have the opportunity to investigate pathways through further education, university and a range of careers.

Bread & Butter Pudding!

Year 8 Grammar Group (8WG JVA) were set the task of creating a recipe for Bread & Butter Pudding that Winston Churchill Year 7 students could follow. In the first lesson they all needed to take into account time constraints, volume of liquid and ingredients in relation to the foil container that had to be used .Within the second lesson the students made the Bread & Butter Pudding / reviewed the practical results.

The outcomes filled the corridors with the aroma associated cinnamon, nutmeg and Christmas! This British dessert will enable students to see how basic home ingredients can be transformed into a delicious dish. After the practical the class discussed possible areas that Year 7’s may need to be reminded of, steps they need to make sure were in place for a successful outcome.

The students also had to write up the recipe (as part of their homework) in a way that they felt best met the needs of a Year 7 group. They all produced a variety of styles in terms of presentation and content. Teachers within the Food Technology Department will now decide on one recipe which will form part of the Year 7 recipe sheets. A prize will be awarded that incorporates a range of cooking equipment.

Catering Academy

We were delighted to host an event for our catering provider on Thursday evening.  On show was some of the ideas for new menus and some great recipes for the Christmas season.  I had the opportunity to taste some of the items and I know that our students are going to enjoy these tasty meals.  My favourite was the different types of mash potato with a variety of toppings and everyone loved the fish finger wraps with new flavoured mayonnaise.