Thursday, 31 August 2017

Summer School Day 3 & 4

Day 3 Starts with Coffee

A good start to the day with parents having a coffee and catchup with the Home School Link Workers and other Winston Staff.  Parents were also able to size up and order PE kit for the students ready for September.  A huge thank you to Mrs Clark and Jayden for opening the Coffee Shop.

Whilst the parents were having coffee and cake The students were about to embark on another long, but exciting, day at Summer School.  Firstly they took part in a Healthy Lifestyles and Eating lesson where they learnt about calories and produced some excellent collages on plates which will be displayed in the school:

Then another fun filled afternoon at High Ashurst doing the Leap of Faith and Crate Climbing, after a spot of lunch:

Day 4

Our day was spent at Birdworld where students watched a variety of displays, including the interactive bird talk and penguin feeds. We had lunch in the picnic area and visited the outback areas and flamingo enclosure in the afternoon.

Some students made it around the centre in time to also visit underwater world!!


Friday: Final Day

 Our final day! Students created more work for the displays based on themselves before summer camp and after summer camp. This group work activity was an opportunity for the group to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with one another, the gingerbread sheets will be up for all to see in no time!!


The students participated in sports day next, including 3 main events: a quiz of the school (including departments and subject knowledge), benchball, and ‘tennis football’. There were 5 teams, all competing towards the final game of capture the flag. Well done to all students, there was some fantastic displays of team work and everyone got fully involved.

The week came to a close with a BBQ  on the patio, the sun shone as parents, students and staff enjoyed some hot dogs, burgers and salad.

We would like to thank all students for attending this week, and all parents for their support. We hope you found the week beneficial and are looking forward to Your first day at The Winston Churchill School!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Results Day!


In a year of huge change to the GCSE examination system, I am very proud to announce that at Winston we have improved our results. The government has deliberately designed these examinations to be tougher and we have had to manage the introduction of this new type of GCSE. During a period of considerable change and limited resources from the examination boards, we have achieved great outcomes with our students.

Our staff have worked extremely hard to prepare the students for these new examinations and the students were absolutely committed and followed the advice of teachers.  This has delivered an excellent set of results.


80% of students achieved grade 4 or above in Maths.

82% of students achieved grade 4 or above in English/English Literature

The percentage of students achieving the government's new bench mark of
grade 4 or above in both English and Maths is 70.2%. 

This is a significant increase on last years outcomes, against a background of increased challenge in the style of examinations.  There were also some amazing individual performances, at all levels.

Celebrate with us the achievements of students and staff at Winston. 

We wish them every success on their future pathway.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Summer School Day 2

A Busy 2nd Day

Tuesday was a long day at Summer School; it started off with the students producing their personal profiles posters:

The students then went into the main hall and took part in a Freeze Frames Drama Session, which is much harder than it looks!

This was followed by an exciting afternoon of

kneeboarding and banana boating at JB Waterski:

Finally arriving back to school at 5.30pm!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Summer School Day 1

Welcome Year 7

Our first day of Summer School with 28 students!  Whilst the students were tucking into breakfast, the parents were invited for coffee in our Barista Lounge to run through the activities for the week.

Students spent part of the morning making their own pizzas for lunch, which they were able to sit down and eat together.

Then in the afternoon we were visited by Luke from the Animal Roadshow where the students learnt facts about a selection of animals and reptiles:

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