Friday, 28 July 2017

Summer Holiday Work

New Sports Facilities

Students will enjoy using the new surface being installed over the tennis courts, during this summer break.  The surface will be safer and support a wider range of sports including hockey, netball, football training and tennis. It will take at least four weeks to complete, as it is a huge job and it will also include new fencing. 

Maths Staff Room

Tasks in a school of this age and size are complex and demanding.  What started out as a simple refurbishment of the Maths Department Staff Room, has become a challenge.  We are unable to change the light fitting as the ceiling contains asbestos, therefore, this has to be removed by a specialist.  This then necessitates additional fire protection materials to be installed in the ceiling, between the classroom and the corridor. This type of work has to be assessed and completed each time we improve an area of the school, as with so many projects the costs are in the infrastructure, that ultimately cannot be seen but is essential.

All maths resources!

Drama Room

Drama 1 is being cleared out, redecorated and reorganised, ready for Mr Penfold to move in!

The Shelter

Fiona and Thomas, Head Girl and Head Boy, discussed with the Senior Prefects how to spend the money they had raised wisely for the benefit of students in the future.  They decided that they would like to refurbish the shelter and as you can see the work is underway!

 Railings on the Patio