Friday, 7 July 2017


A Busy Week

Students have been involved in a number of different activities over the last two days.  Below are just some examples:
 Graphics skills: Designing Scratch Cards for the National lottery!

 Designing, assembling and customising pandas!

A cycle ride along the canal.

 A morning of tennis.
Developing a story board from the point of view of the villain!

Maths meets Art

 In the Maths meets Art lessons yesterday students learnt how to plot a Cardioids, requiring high levels of concentration to ensure accuracy.  This took place in Mr Quinlan's sessions on Thursday, during which some students took a more creative approach.

 Impressive and well executed, but not Cardioids


Make sure that you are part of the team: Inter-Form schedule for next week....
Year 7 Tennis
Year 9 Kwik Cricket
Year 8 Tennis
Year 7 Kwik Cricket
Year 9 Tennis
Year 8 Kwik Cricket