Saturday, 22 July 2017

Music Matters

Summer Concert

A huge audience of parents and staff enjoyed a beautiful concert, performed by our highly skilled musicians.  Winston enjoys making music together, working across age groups and producing high quality pieces that make us immensely proud of the Music Department.   Having just completed the Music Tour, After Class and Winton Young Musician, students and staff created a musical feast for the penultimate day of the year.  Thank you to Mr Drake and his team for their commitment and creativity and for the provision of so many opportunities for our students. 
Enjoy the images below:

Friday, 21 July 2017

Still Learning

Final Week of the Academic Year

7CA2 Gardening

Class 7CA2 have had a global learning project over two lessons to work together to tidy the environmental classroom. Mrs Harper and the class carried all the gardening tools up to the area; the student worked impressively as a team and made quite a difference as you can see in the before and after photographs.
The pathways were also overgrown and messy and we couldn’t even see round to the staging when we first got there!

And there were a lot of brambles on the staging, until they were transformed by 7CA2 gardeners.

Looking smart and ready to go after all the hard work

Mrs Harper was incredibly proud of how well the students worked together and how respectful and caring they were to the environment.

Thank you 7CA2, you have done a fantastic job!

Celebration Assemblies

The celebration assemblies at Winston reflect the huge commitment students show to our school and to their own learning.  We celebrate attendance, sport, drama, music and participation in our community, as well as academic achievement.  Students support their peers and clap and cheer the achievements; these are very up-lifting events. 

Community Service Awards
Joel was awarded first prize have achieved 84 points, representing 84 hours of service to the school.

The outcome of an interform competition.

 Thanking those who have supported our students.

 Achieving industry recognised qualifications.
Celebrating achievement.
 Mr Jolly presenting academic certificates.

Supporting Others

On Wednesday of this week, we took ten students to Carwarden School in Camberley. Carwarden School is for students with a statement or Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) of special educational needs. The Winston students helped with a cookery session and interacted well with the students from Carwarden.
The students worked in three groups to cook lunch and both schools worked extremely well together. The staff at Carwarden thought our pupils' were very understanding and caring throughout the morning.


More Clocks!

Here are a few more fabulous around the world clocks! This time by: Hadi Hadi, Kieron Gill, Elsbeth Blake, Esme Sawyer, Lauren Wyatt & Sam Belgrave.  All of the students have invested a great deal of extra time and effort to achieve such fantastic outcomes, all have which have assured Miss Blackman that they are displayed pride of place at home!

World Games Day

Yesterday, 250 students in year 5 from the local primary schools turned out for our annual World Games Day. The whole day was planned by a small group of year 10 students who delivered an outstanding festival of sport and music. Overall the event took over 60 year 10 students to deliver and everyone played their part, everything from Bongos, dancing, netball and water challenges the festival was superbly thought out.
Mr Dunn, from Sythwood Primary sent this email congratulating the team:
“A massive thank you to you and all the leaders who ran yesterday. Our children had a fantastic time and our staff were very complementary on the day and how it was run” (Mr Dunn, PE Lead)
Mr Toovey was incredibly impressed with everyone who took part, as they made the day a huge success; thank you.