Friday, 30 June 2017

The Prom

Year 11 Looking their Best!

Students and staff enjoyed a great night at The Chobham Golf Club, on Thursday, as they celebrated the end of their final year at Winston.  They arrived in a variety of vehicles ranging from the limos to a tractor, a sedan chair and a horse and carriage.  This created a wonderful show before the main event. The students looked amazing and everyone had a great time. 

 A huge thank you to Mrs Billingham and Mrs Thorpe for the organisation of our Prom.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sports Day!

Great Participation

Over 400 students took part in the Year 7, 8 and 9 Sports Day.  The weather was perfect and there was a high level of anticipation about the competition.  Students were placed into four mixed age groups and were given a colour.  The aim was to do your best for your team and that is exactly what was reflected throughout the day.  The PE Department planned and ran a superb event, in the middle of what has been a very demanding national Sports Week.  There has been something for everyone and we all really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into creating such great experiences.
Enjoy the photographs below, there will be more to follow.

 The Teams

 The whole school came up to the field during period 5 for the relay races.  the atmosphere was great, everyone was supportive and we all thoroughly enjoyed the staff race.

Staying Safe

Assembly: Keeping Safe

Mrs Smith and Mr Mohamed delivered an assembly aimed at helping our students to remain safe online.  it was demonstrated to students how easy it is for a stranger to find out information about them; their interests, their family, where they go to school, clubs they belong to and where they live.
It was also made clear that someone contacting them through social media sites might not be honest about their age and may have a hidden agenda and be a threat.


There were some very strong, very clear messages to students about how to stay safe on line.  All the students had the opportunity to participate in a session that really challenged their perceptions of being safe when using social media sites and how easy it is to tricked into believing that the person at the other end of a conversation is a teenager.  They were given the opportunity to hear how easy it is to share information and where that can lead.
This became even more relevant today following an article on the BBC news website about Snapchat:

An update to Snapchat that shows publicly posted images on a searchable map has raised safety concerns among parents.
Snap Map lets people search for places such as schools and see videos and pictures posted by children inside.
It also lets people locate their "friends" on a map that is accurate enough to determine where people live. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Activities Week

National School Sports Week

A huge range of opportunities have been offered to all of our students this week and I am very appreciative of the PE Department for the amazing job they have done to organise this event.

Every student has the chance to try something new and there have been a number of trips that students could participate in off-site.  The Maths Department have contributed to the week with Mathletics and community clubs have given up their time to allow our students to try out different activities.

Below are the images from the Tug of War Competition:

 The Staff/Student mixed Doubles tennis Tournament

Community Clubs Day

We were delighted to welcome a number of local clubs to Winston on Tuesday.  Students had to opportunity to spend 30 minutes with four different activities.  The coaches gave up their day to show students what they can get involved in outside of school.  The students didn't stop for the two hours moving from one activity to another, thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.




 Cheer Leading