Friday, 12 May 2017

Busy Making Progress

Maths for Breakfast

Mr Johnson invited a number of Year 11 students, with their parents to attend a breakfast session on Thursday morning.  It was great to see sixteen students an six parents in attendance.

 They looked at the exam format, grade boundaries, the importance of timing with the explicit understanding that it only takes two questions being correct to move up a grade boundary on a single paper.  Parents and students then completed five exam questions and used the official mark schemes to look at how marks are gained and also lost through silly mistakes.

We also looked at how parents can support their children with revision.  As this session was so successful Mr Johnson will be issuing a follow up invitation in the near future.

Assemblies this Week

Mrs Mellor and our Well-Being Team planned and delivered an assembly this week with a focus on mental health and homophobic bullying.  Students were asked to consider how the use of language impacts on others and that everyone should be free to live their own life, as they decide. 

Making Pyjamas

In Year 9, students have designed and made their own pyjama bottoms with Miss Barker-Dodds. Students have enjoyed selecting their own fabric and design and using the new sewing machines. They have found it challenging but now have a much better understanding of how our clothes are designed and made.