Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A Big Decision

The General Election

The UK is holding a snap election on June 8th, 2017!
Miss Robinson has put together a range of resources on Frog to help our students to understand the process, the parties and the policies as well as the arguments.  She writes:

A General Election means you’ll be seeing lots of politicians on the television, social media, last minute campaigning, leaflets and  maybe even a few a knocks on the door from local campaigners to discuss the election.
Brexit, the NHS, the environment, education, social care, defence, climate change, the economy, Donald Trump. Just a few of the issues facing the whole country whether you were born in the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.
What is the General Election and how does it work?
The General Election in 60 seconds – the link below will take you to a film created by the Houses of Parliament in collaboration with innovative storytellers Cognitive and is voiced by Rick Edwards from BBC Three’s Free Speech debate show.
Parliament UK
The General Election in 60 seconds

A Voice for You.

Politics. A word you may not have used before, told you’re too young to understand or just never thought about. So, why does politics matter to you? Simply put, your voice matters. Those red and green seats in the Palaces of Westminster may seem like a million miles away, but you have more influence on the laws created there than you might think. No matter what age you are, when or where you were born, everyone deserves a chance to have their say. So let’s get informed. Whether it’s knowing more about the UK’s snap election on June 8th 2017, how the government works or how you can get involved in politics, the Frog site is the one for you.
Link -  https://frog.wcsc.org.uk/d8e1963b9a10cb986c98364ebf783eb6

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Amazing Students

Amnesty Group Protest

The students planned and then held a protest on the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd May. 
The Protest was predominantly about the human rights abuses in Chechnya, where the LGBT community are being tortured and killed because of their sexuality.  It was a fantastic turn out and the amnesty group were able to raise awareness of what is going on, gaining lots of support from the student body. We obtained in excess of 150 signatures from students, showing their support for the victims in Chechnya. We will be writing to amnesty and sending these off to them to show our support for this cause.

Fabulous Art

Year 9 and 10 GCSE students art work is on display in the corridors and stair wells, on the theme of food. There are also a number of pieces in the display case at the main entrance.

Italian Club

Italian Club with Mr Inglis – Students made their own pizza, learned some Italian words and had a very good time!  Most year groups were represented and the enthusiasm was palpable.

Evviva la pizza!!

More Catering News!

Our school caterers, The Catering Academy, recently organised a campaign to encourage students to eat more fruit and vegetables.  Lots of year 7s took part (perhaps next year we can open it up to everyone).  They took on the challenge in an incredible way, using five fruits and/or vegetables to suggest a recipe idea (of their own, not from a recipe book).  Carol Colvin, our Catering Manager, was tasked with sifting through the ideas and found five worthy winners:

These are the 5 winners of the May-Thon:

 Alex Ryerson            Berry Burst Crumble

Thomas Baker          Mixed Turnover

Mathew Laurence   Chicken Supreme Pizza

Iris Mcgill                 Fruit Fritter with Chocolate sauce

Katie Newman         Rainforest Roulade

 As you can see the ideas are creative and inspiring.  Winners received a prize yesterday at lunch time and were flushed with pride.  Our canteen will be trialling the recipe ideas and the overall winner will go onto the regional final.  The top prize is a private cookery demonstration and lesson from a top chef for the winner and two friends.  Competition is fierce among schools in our region with schools sharing their winning ideas on their blogs.

 We are very proud, in the Food Department, to work alongside our Catering Team who clearly have the students’ interests at heart.  Their chief Nutritionist and Regional Developmental Chef will be visiting us again in the new school year. 

Year 7 Frog Quiz

We have had another very successful subject specific key words quiz on German verbs designed by Ms Finney. Here are the winners:

Yusuf Razaq, Thomas Herni, Ben Howell, Ellis Gilfether ,Isobel Cook,Alfred Penrose, Sophie Weller
Annaya Gill , Genna  Vine,Ismaeel Karim, Amber  Pike, Subhan Hamid , Fotios    Tsalouchidis-Gryparis

Rehaan Ahmed, Darakhshan Halepota , Christina Furtuna, Poly Moschouris , Leanne Vanstone

There is also currently a quiz from Mr Ray on Maths key vocabulary for all of year 7 on frog.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Steady progress

Our New Library

The brand new JCB has been put to work but it is a bit of a start, stop operation during the examination season.  MCS have been great and fully understand the need to work around the examination timetable.  As is always the case with building projects, you never know what you will find when you start to dig.  So far MCS have found a tennis court and a mystery cable!
You will see significantly more progress after half term. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

New Challenges!

English Schools Athletics Track and Field Cup

Friday 12th May, English Schools Athletics Track and Field Cup, Sheerwater Athletics Track:


Sunshine and showers greeted us on Friday as Winston competed in the 1st round of the English Schools Athletics Track and Field Cup!  We entered 4 teams into the competition and this year had a lot of new students taking part which was great to see.  The competition requires students to compete in two events each and points are awarded for their performance in terms of times and distances achieved.  Our Junior girls put in an amazing team performance finishing 2nd overall on a combined score of 284pts.  Stand out performances came from Neve Bradley in the 200m and Long Jump, and Lauren Evans in the 100m and Long Jump.  Genna Vine and Jasmine Forbes (Y7) also showed they could compete alongside the Y8 girls and performed outstandingly in their events.   Our Junior Boys finished in 6th position, Inter Boys in 9th and our Inter girls in 5th.  Other individual stand out performances came from Rhianna Grainger in both the Discus and 300m, Lois Henley in the 100m, Grace Tweddle and Holly Chubb in the Long Jump, Sam Evans and Morris Musselwhite in the 300m and Anthony Corner in the Triple Jump and 300m.  Well done to all involved on the day!  Great determination and resilience was shown by all!  We await to see if the junior girls progress through to the second round.


Miss Howe and Mr Toovey

Young Enterprise at the Surrey Final

I was delighted  be invited to the Surrey finals of the Young Enterprise Competition to watch our Year 10 team give a presentation on the work they have been doing, to develop their company, selling bath products. 

It was a huge challenge to stand up in front of such a large, experienced audience, to talk through the development of their company and their financial accounts.  I was so proud to watch our team engage with confidence.  They faced competition from 6th Form students and independent schools but clearly demonstrated their competence and knowledge.  I was very proud that Winston was represented by such a great group of students. They are to be congratulated and should celebrate the skills that they have had the opportunity to develop throughout the project. Well done!

Alternative Curriculum Opportunities

I as invited to observe some of our Year 10 students participating in a fitness for life programme, working towards an Asdan qualification.  They have been looking at diet and health and developing some skills in different sports including table tennis and boxercise! 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Busy Making Progress

Maths for Breakfast

Mr Johnson invited a number of Year 11 students, with their parents to attend a breakfast session on Thursday morning.  It was great to see sixteen students an six parents in attendance.

 They looked at the exam format, grade boundaries, the importance of timing with the explicit understanding that it only takes two questions being correct to move up a grade boundary on a single paper.  Parents and students then completed five exam questions and used the official mark schemes to look at how marks are gained and also lost through silly mistakes.

We also looked at how parents can support their children with revision.  As this session was so successful Mr Johnson will be issuing a follow up invitation in the near future.

Assemblies this Week

Mrs Mellor and our Well-Being Team planned and delivered an assembly this week with a focus on mental health and homophobic bullying.  Students were asked to consider how the use of language impacts on others and that everyone should be free to live their own life, as they decide. 

Making Pyjamas

In Year 9, students have designed and made their own pyjama bottoms with Miss Barker-Dodds. Students have enjoyed selecting their own fabric and design and using the new sewing machines. They have found it challenging but now have a much better understanding of how our clothes are designed and made.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Every Step Matters

Bronze Steps!

During January, February and March, Year 10 students attended weekly after school expedition  training sessions and in teams of 5-7 we planned routes and learnt the vital skill required for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition.  On 22nd April we started our practice expedition in the Surrey Hills and walked from Gomshall Station to Bentley Copse campsite near Shere, via Leith Hill.  We walked from 8.30-5pm (some groups walked for longer!).  After we arrived, exhausted, at the campsite, we had to put up our tents and cook our evening meal (pasta and sauce).  And then we had to get up and repeat the whole experience all over again on the Sunday, walking to Newland's Corner, this time without the assistance of the teachers!  The following weekend qualifying expedition on the North Downs seemed a little easier despite the blisters (Mathilde and Erin!) and the aching hips (Poppy!).  We all thought the 2 weekends were a great experience and surprisingly quite fun!

Rhianna, Bethany, Jessica 

Every goal Matters

Winton Wins Again

 Our Year 7 girls played in the District Finals at Woking Football Club on Monday and came away as champions!  They played Woking High School and won 2 - 0.  Congratulations to the team and to their coach Miss Exworth.

The Year 10 and 11 girls also played in the District Finals at Woking Football Club on Monday and came away as champions!  They played Fullbrook School and won 6 - 1.  Congratulations and a huge thank you to the girls, for the years of service that you have given Winston.

Every Stitch Matters

Lottie Ruddle has produced this beautiful bag, which took a total of 65 hours to complete.  The hand embroidery is of a very high standard and reflects the time and effort that Lottie puts into her work across the school.  Thank you for sharing this with me.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Rising to the Challenge

Year 7 Enterprise Activity

Some students in Year 7 were selected for their problem solving ability to participate in an Enterprise activity.  The students had to work together in teams to produce a new ride or part of a ride, that would provide a unique experience at Alton Towers.
The enthusiasm and creativity displayed was impressive.  The ideas were both original and exciting and some teams aimed to cater for individuals with different needs.

This thought provoking activity gave students the opportunity to use a number of the Winston Competencies to solve the challenge, culminating in presentations later in the day.  Well done to every who took part; Mrs Smith and Mr Watson were very impressed.

Music Results!

Mr Drake sent me the following brilliant music exam results from students who have piano and voice lessons. They have worked incredibly hard.  Congratulations to:

Robert Angus (Y10) - Grade 3: Merit
Holly Gamlin (Y9) - Grade 4: Merit
Eliza Jarrett (Y7) - Grade 1: Distinction
Ellen Hillman (Y10) - Grade 5: Distinction
Rhiannon Drane (Y11) - Grade 7: Distinction

Philip Norman (Y11) Grade 4: Merit
Charlie Wayne (Y10) Grade 5: Pass
Ben Moore (Y11) Grade 8: Distinction

Assemblies this Week


Miss Alfaituri provided plenty of food for thought this week in assemblies.  As you can see from the images below the value of being able to read was explored in some detail.  Students were asked to consider their own reading material, how and when they read and the role reading plays if you want to be successful.

Woking District Football Finals

Yesterday was the first day of the Woking District Football Finals held at Woking Football Club. From the total of eight fixtures being played over two days, we are very proud to have our school participating in six of the eight fixtures. Below is a brief summary of some of the action from yesterday’s games.

First game of the day and Winston Year 9 Boys were certainly keen to show just how capable and talented they really are against BDB. The boys started the game extremely well and were 2-0 up after just 5min. Winston had the opportunity to convert from the penalty spot and make it 3-0 but the keeper made a fantastic diving save. BDB went on and scored on the counter attack but despite this, Winston continued to play the same way with some excellent build up and combination play throughout the half and by the whole team. The first half saw a total of 7 goals which were shared unevenly between the two teams with Winston on top and cruising with a comfortable 6-1 score line at the break. The crowd were spoilt with another 7 goals of very high quality from a range of players from Winston in the second half. The game finished 13-1 in favour of Winston who dominated the game showing fantastic teamwork, commitment, effort and attitude throughout. I have purposely named no names, as all the boys were superb and I predict some big things for these players as individual and wish them all the success in their final two years representing Winston.

The second game of the day saw the Year 10 boys take on Heathside. After a bright start, dominating possession, Winston were punished by a quick break and conceded a well struck early goal. This was followed by various spells of pressure from both sides, with neither team being able to put a stamp on the game. Eventually Winston found an equaliser after an in-swinging corner from Vini Badu was met by Rian Armstrong to make it 1-1. On the stroke of half time Heathside scored their second of the game with another set piece, after a tremendous double save from Sidney Boxall.

At 2-1 in favour of Heathside, Winston came out strong and mostly dominated possession in the second half, however Heathside were forever looking dangerous on the counter attack with Adam Guest making a few great saves to keep Winston only one goal behind. Heathside eventually managed to beat the offside trap and coolly slotted the ball home making it 3-1. With 5 minutes left, Winston had no reply and the game finished with Heathside as victorious.

Man of the Match: Jack Knapman – Winston’s stand out player on the day, was a leader from the backline.

The final game of the day was our Year 11 boys who were up against a very strong, physical and organised Gordons team. The year 11's showed great commitment, team spirit and skill to come out as eventual winners of the tie. Joe Phillips (MOM) scored the first with a cheeky chip and then a very late own goal made it 2-0 to the mighty Winston!

Everyone was brilliant and it was a performance all the boys should be extremely proud of. Their performance on the pitch and off the pitch is a credit to the school!