Friday, 21 April 2017

Summer Term Success

Indoor Athletics

On Wednesday a group of sixteen Year 7 students went to the Indoor Sports Hall Athletics competition at SJB. The students performed incredibly across various running, throwing and jumping events.

The Boys team finished an impressive 2nd place overall.
The Girls team went on to win the competition, they will now move into the next round against the district winning teams.

Congratulation to the following students: Joe Lewis, Shane Boot, Will Buffoni, Jack Trice, Sam Baker, Ben Howell, Will Herring, Tom Ross,
Phoebe Tickner, Chloe Richards, Genna Vine, Keira Heney, Edie Munday, Christi Shipp, Isobel Cook, Chanelle Tatterton

Musical Success

During the Spring Term the Music Department entered two ensembles into the National Festival of Music for Youth, the largest youth music festival in the UK. Every group that enters must send a recording of their performance which is then judged by a panel of adjudicators. We are extremely pleased to have been sent some outstanding feedback about both of our groups which, along with links to the recordings on our YouTube channel, are below.

Percussion Ensemble

              Rainforest Storm


What a great choice of musical inspiration! Taking the theme tune from Mario Bros was a genius touch. Marimba players, you had a really complicated syncopated Latin rhythm here, and you held it together brilliantly!

There was an interesting array of percussion instruments here, and this combination ensured that the balance remained even throughout. You each held your individual samba-esque rhythms with confidence, and watched your teacher carefully.

The interpretation was fresh – the middle section with its change of colour and rhythmic drive worked really well. Strong sense of pulse from kit and shaker to hold it together.

Rainforest Storm demonstrated your skills in group composition. I really enjoyed seeing how the piece built up its layers of texture. There were a multitude of different cross-rhythms and melodic motifs, which you each had complete ownership of. You thought carefully how to feature the different instrument groups – which made it an interesting experience for the listener. Excellent listening and watching, well done.

Session Band



Budapest: This is an extremely faithful cover version. Your lead vocalist really has something of George Ezra’s tone whilst sounding individual – the vocal control is grounded and the tuning is generally very strong. Well done to the guitarist and drummer for pinning down the groove of this – it’s not easy for the guitar to take the majority of the subdivision over a minimal kit part but this bubbled along nicely, if settling into an ever so slightly more comfortable tempo than the original. This is a clever arrangement and the woodwind, backing vocals and piano worked really well, each carefully placed to maintain interest throughout. Your ensemble holds very well together and this really does what a cover ought to by paying its respects to the original whilst offering something different.

Superstition: Controversial! Everybody knows that Superstition is supposed to start with “that” drum fill and groove! Doing something different by stripping things back and playing with the arrangement like this keeps things intriguing. You’re uptempo compared to Stevie and the bass pedal is busier than usual. The “horns” (or winds in this case) are deconstructed early in the track and the piano takes a completely different role to Stevie’s keys, but you keep enough of the riffs from guitar and horns to keep it Superstition, meaning these changes work well. The melody sits well in your vocalist’s range and it’s always refreshing to hear some variety in the ornaments and flourishes, which can be a challenge given how many classic versions Stevie (and others) have given us over the years.

Overall, this pair of covers really kept my attention and showcased your singers and players well. It’s an interesting choice of contrasting material from very different periods and you work well to include and make the most of the musicians at your disposal – keep it up!

Amazing Catering Session

A huge thank you to Catering Academy, our school caterer, for the great masterclass offered to our Year 10 Health & Nutrition students.  Students were taught how to joint a whole chicken and then to cook various recipes using the appropriate pieces. As well as developing this new skill, they had sessions on health and safety and nutrition to complement the practical work.

Year 9 Japan

Year 9 have been learning about Japan and the students were given the opportunity to plan a number of lessons, which they then worked through. One of the areas they selected was origami and here are examples of work produced.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Make a Difference

We Need Your Help!

School Funding is currently a hot topic and the news regularly carries stories of the funding cuts being faced by schools over the next 3 - 5 years.  Winston is not immune to the impact of the decisions of the Department for Education but we have been prudent over the last three years and Mr Phillips our Business Manager has placed us in a good position to move forward.

Unlike some schools, we are building up our music provision, investing in facilities and maintaining our buildings.  I am able to employ staff and deliver a diverse curriculum and support the needs of our students.  We actively raise money, through our creative use of the school facilities and this is how we have managed to accrue sufficient funds to build the Library, we so urgently need. 

I do, however, need your support if we are to furnish and equip the new learning centre with the resources that your child will want to access, throughout their time at Winston.  The following are just some of the ways in which you can help; remember in that by March 2018 your sons and daughters will be using the new facility if we can furnish and equip it!

Buy a Brick, placing family name permanently in the Library.

email for details

Friday, 14 April 2017

Getting Started

The Library is Now Under Construction

The fencing has been delivered and was being put in place on Tuesday 11th April, ready for Mr Burrows to plan the routes for students into and out of the building, especially in the case of an emergency.  There will be some inconvenience for the next 10 months but it will be worth it to have such a great new facility and to be able to refurbish other areas of the school once the library has moved across.


Delivery of Fencing:

Compound Fencing in place:

Students and staff will have to follow a longer route around the site to access the English and Art Block.  Mr Burrows has been in school over the Easter break to ensure that access to and exit from the block, in an emergency, can be achieved effectively.  We will all have to work together to manage the challenges of the coming ten months of this building project

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Work in the Easter Break

Police Dogs Train

I was delighted to welcome the Surrey Police Dog Training Team to Winston during the Easter break.  They will be using the school as a regular training ground throughout the year.  This is essential training in a real working environment and I believe that it is important to support the work of the police, who do an incredibly difficult job for us all.

Painting and Decorating

The work never stops at Winston and the team have been busy with both repairs and developments.  The holiday periods are essential for major works and as you can see from the images below some significant improvements have been made this Easter.
 New Year 7 Office and Meeting Room.
 All steps have been reset and yellow step nosing put in place.

 The sliding door onto the patio has a new more efficient mechanism and safety barriers. 
The Geography Office has been fitted with new carpet, following the flood in the Autumn Term.

Examination Support

Teachers have been in school, throughout the Easter holiday delivering focussed revision and examination preparation sessions for students facing their GCSE examinations this summer.  With only a few weeks to go our teachers were really pleased with the commitment that the students have shown towards these new and more challenging examinations.  English classrooms were full and students also came in to go through a higher and foundation maths paper in the hall.  There were a considerable number of teachers in school, from all subject areas, supporting students to gain the best possible grades and I thank them for giving up their time to make a difference to our young people.

Monday, 3 April 2017


Barista Success

On Tuesday 28th March, the “Greeno Centre Day Care Shepperton Dementia Patients “ came to our CafĂ© for afternoon tea, where they were served with tea and coffee and sandwiches, sausage rolls and homemade cakes .

 When Mrs Crowe went to have a chat with them, they had nothing but praise for our students ( Molly MgGuire , Molly Peachey , Jayden Hylands and Morgan Gravett) These four students did an amazing job and represented Winston in such a positive way;  'Service before Self'.  They have now finished their Barista course having all passed their qualifications and Mrs Clark, our Barista Tutor, looks forward to seeing the next cohort of students, to train, after the Easter holiday. 

Assemblies at Winston

We love to celebrate the success of our students and staff at Winston and at the end of every term we hold celebration assemblies.  We all enjoy celebrating aspects of school life including attendance, sporting success, achievement points and community service, alongside academic achievement.  Everyone has the opportunity to be recognised for the contribution that they make to Winston.  Part of the celebration is to enjoy some of our outstanding performers, as they showcase their talents.  sadly I was unable to attend the Year 10 assembly last week but look forward to the summer term celebrations.

Year 11 Celebration Assembly

Celebrating Sporting Success!

Year 9 Celebration Assembly

Year 8 Assembly

Celebrating Achievement Points!

Year 7 Assembly

  Thank you to our Form Tutors

 Thank you to our great Peer Mentors.

 Sports Leaders sharing their team's success.

 Finishing with the whole cohort and the Hand Jive from Grease!!

Year 10 Easter Egg Hunt!

Last week in tutor time 10LSN spent some time planning and creating their Easter baskets ready for Friday morning's Easter Egg hunt around the classroom. A few students lead the way with their successful designs, such as Nishant's basket which incorporated handles and Rihanna's small compact and sturdy basket. Other students spent longer on their decorating with Vlad meticulously drawing an Easter bunny and Dylan preparing a more abstract Easter pattern. When it came to the actual Easter Egg hunt special mention must go to Liam who's fast reaction skills meant he cleared one corner of the room before some students had even got their hands on their baskets! Once students had found all their eggs we sat down to a challenging Easter Quiz with a mixture of religious, cultural and music questions. For example, when Jesus died on the cross what natural phenomenon then occurred, and, who does the straw doll which some Christians burn around Easter time represent?