Saturday, 28 January 2017

Showcasing Winston

Assembly this Week

It was wonderful to hear Ben and Rhiannon perform a song from our school production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, in our school assembly today.  We hope that as many students and their parents as possible are able to join us at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre next week.  Many of the local primary schools will be attending the afternoon performances and our students are looking forward to showcasing their talent in a professional theatre.

Young Enterprise

Congratulations to WCSC YE on their certificate of commendation at Tuesday night's Y Factor competition. It was noted not only by the judges, but also by the teachers of other participating schools, local business advisors and two local mayors how impressive their display was, as well as their product, BathBlends. (Ours were the only students who had made their product themselves). Students really came into their own demonstrating their excellent communication skills as they answered judges' questions (and even made a few sales).

"We started the competition very nervous as we looked around the room and saw many great ideas and great companies: there was Hydro that had a 3-D printer, The Little Tin Can Company whose stand was unbelievable using fencing, plants and artificial grass, GoBillou had created cookbooks that helped you learn a language (they were the winning group). The judges loved our company and were very impressed with it. We worked as a group and got everything sorted out, we had a striking display board beautifully painted by Haleema which we used to display ingredients and prices. We tried our best and got to meet and speak to many different people, including the mayors of Woking and Guildford who were both very nice, and we got to sell some bath bombs! It was a brilliant event and was very fun to take part in." - Ore Anifowoshe

Ella's Sculpture

Below is a picture of Ella’s sculpture, which is on display at the Lightbox in the Henry Moore exhibition.  She’s been attending their Young Curators course since the start of December, where they have been working with a sculptor.  She’s loved it and the final pieces the students produced have been put on display in the new Henry Moore exhibition.

Well done Ella!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Being at Winston

Assembly: Year 11

National Citizenship Service

Year 11 students had a presentation from the NCS this morning, offering them a wide range of opportunities to get involved and develop skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. If students consider participating in the residential events then the government will pay up-to £1000 to enable them to engage.  These opportunities can also lead to an apprenticeship and are recognised by UCAS, when applying to university.  All of our students were able to express an interest in getting involved in the scheme.

A Visit from Oxford University

Abi Swan, 9AGO, wrote the following about the presentation from a representative of Oxford University:

'The talk we had from Hannah Rolley who worked at Oxford University was really interesting.  I gathered loads of useful information that I was not aware of before.  I learnt things like how much it costs, how much you pay back, loans and so much more about the teaching and the structure of the colleges. Before we had this talk I wasn't sure about whether I wanted to go to university or not  but I have now decided that I want to go, as it seems like a great experience and an amazing place to carry on my education.'

More Amazing Art

I hope that you enjoy the images below of the art produced by our GCSE students.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Life at Winston

Assembly this Week

The theme for this week's assemblies has been prejudice and discrimination.  Miss Elkington has led a group of students to help all our students address what they understand about these terms and how we can all work together to reduce the impact on others. The students presented case studies of famous individuals and explained how the behaviour of others changed their lives. Thank you to everyone involved for a very thought provoking session.

 Well Done Winston!

I received this lovely letter, from the Woking Lions Club, thanking our students and parents for their generosity when providing items for the Christmas parcels this year.

Year 7 Boys Basketball

An exciting start for the year 7 basketball squad this year. Over 25 eager year 7’s attend the extracurricular club which makes picking the 5 man teams extremely difficult. The years competition was divided into 3 district tournaments hosted by various school. Due to numbers we were lucky enough to take two teams to each which is fantastic and the boys should be very proud of their achievements.
The A team finished an impressive 3rd, a record of ‘played 20, won 16, lost 4’. Captained by Liam Marsh the boys will go on to achieve great in basketball next year.  
The B team finished 7th overall, big performances against Woking High and BDB in the final tournament were particular highlights for me.  
 Thank you to all those who attend club and make it so enjoyable. Keep it up next year.

Year 8 Boys Basketball Success

One of the most talented basketball teams in the school and this year they didn’t disappoint. Across all 3 tournaments they finished with the record of ‘played 18, won 15, drew 1, lost 2’, overall this put the boys in 2nd in the district. Next year the boys are determined to step up and win the district league and through hard work and training this will come true.

 A huge well done to everyone who played in the Year 8 Basketball team this year. A special mention to Anthony Corner who leads the team exceptionally in each and every game.

 Mr Toovey

Japanese Club

It is now the latter end of January but last week we played a traditional Japanese new years game called fukuwarai.

It is similar to pin the tail on the donkey but you stick facial features onto a comical old lady's face whilst blindfolded, then revealing the humourous results.

Below are some of the outcomes.


On Thursday the 9th a selection of our badminton players spread across year 9 and 10 had the opportunity to test not only their badminton skills but also their knowledge during an officiating course. The course was designed to give our students the platform to go on and eventually become fully fledged badminton officials giving them the opportunity to not only represent Winston as players but also as officials demonstrating their levels of organisation, attention to detail and the ability to communicate effectively during high pressured situations.

The day was split into two parts; theory and practical and enabled the students to simulate what it would be like to be officiating a badminton tournament. Roles such as scorer, lead umpire, line judges and match referee were all simulated while a match was being played. During the theory section the students were guided step by step through a virtual game allowing them to decipher what would be a correct and incorrect decision and the correct protocols that they would have to follow.

The session was thoroughly enjoyed by all students, with each and every one of them excited at the prospect of become fully qualified and applying their knowledge in their upcoming tournament in February when they will finish their qualification.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Creativity at Winston

Thought Provoking Art

GCSE Coursework.

Supporting the Bishop Ngala School

We are continuing to sponsor our Kenyan students at the Bishop Ngala School, this time through the provision of sports kit.  We hope that the students will enjoy using the kit, rather than having to play in their school uniform.

Delicious Cheesecakes 

Mrs Vadi's  classes , 7W3 and 7C7 produced some delicious looking cheesecakes last week. They were able to use a variety of equipment to create a dessert that the family can all enjoy. All students worked independently , showing resilience when executing a range of skills.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Opportunities at Winston

Join the Winston Team!

As we move further into the Spring Term the main recruitment period begins, enabling the school to be staffed in September.  I have taken the decision to advertise for a number of positions in the light of the demands of the curriculum.  Therefore, I am seeking the following teachers for September 2017:

A Director of Teaching & Learning in Science
A Director of Teaching & learning in English
A Geography Teacher

 I am also seeking graduates for the following positions from September 2017:

PE Technician
Cover Supervisors
Maths Tutor
English Tutor
Learning Support Assistants

The reason for the five posts listed above for graduates, is that those currently holding the positions have secured teacher training places and may well complete some of that training at Winston. 

The advertisements have been published for the Premises Manager and the Admin Support role required for the Site Team.  This follows a restructuring to meet the needs of the school.

I am also keen that we encourage graduates from any background to consider teaching, either as a first career option or for those considering changing careers.  Details of the ways into teaching can be found on our website and those interested should email or phone Mr French, Deputy Head for further details, .

The school is a dynamic workplace and it is healthy that there are changes to our team over a period of time.  I look forward to making some great appointments, to benefit your children, over the coming months.  Any help that you can give to support this process would be appreciated.

Achieving Amazing Outcomes

Join Winston and you could support young people to be successful. Here are some finished bookends from the Year 10 Design Technology Class; they have successfully all mastered the dovetail joint and using hand cutting skills have shaped their bookends to link in with their laser cutting on 2D design.

These pieces are by:

George Blackman, Aaron Preston, Hannah Formby, Henry Herring, Cheyenne Boot and Laura Martin.



Great News!

Winston has been recognised for the work our students do within our local community, through our student leadership programmes.

Thank you to Mr Toovey, The PE Department and all the students involved.  It is great to see your hard work being formally recognised.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Learning at Winston

Winston Welcomes the CEO of BBC World Wide

We were delighted welcome Tim Davie to Winston, on Friday 6th January, a link established through the charity Speakers for Schools, providing state schools with fee talk from leading figures to inspire and empower the next generation. Tim addressed 240 students from the Year 8 and 9 Grammar and Aspire Streams.  There was an opportunity for the students to participate by asking questions, at which they excelled, challenging Tim to identify what motivated him and who was his inspiration.

 I made an application over two years ago and we were very fortunate that Tim Davie agreed to give a talk to our students and he also participated in an interview for Radio Woking. So who is Tim Davie?

  • As CEO, BBC Worldwide and Director, Global, Tim Davie is responsible for developing the BBC’s international brand and editorial strategy.
  • He sits on the Executive Board, chaired by Director-General Tony Hall
  • BBC Worldwide is the wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC, sells BBC and other British programming for broadcast abroad, supplementing the BBC's licence fee income.
  • In 2013/14, BBC Worldwide generated headline profits of £157.4m and headline sales of £1,042.3m and returned £173.8m to the BBC.

 Caitlin Harvey and Cleo Coffey before conducting the interview.

Tim's presentation contained some clear messages:

  • Taking calculated risks to further your ambition can be a positive step even if you are not successful, as you will learn. 
  • Do not worry about the students at school who try to be the most important in the playground, they will have no place in the workplace.
  • Pursue the things that you really enjoy and believe in.
  • Grades are important but you have to have passion.
  • Be prepared to start at the bottom and work you way up, no one will give you the top job until you have demonstrated resilience and had some experience.

Mock Results

Year 11 received the results from their mock examinations on Friday afternoon.  Mr Byrne talked to students about expectations and asked them to consider how they felt about the grades they had received. Students were asked to reflect on what they needed to do to improve, the type of preparation that will be required for the final examinations and how they would like to feel in August. The key question asked was 'what are you prepared to do to reach or exceed your target grades?'
Support sessions for parents are being run during Learning Review to help parents to understand how the examinations have changed and what they can do to support their son or daughter.