Sunday, 27 November 2016


Surrey University Visit

Recently, thirty Year 7 students were given the opportunity to visit the University of Surrey for the day. The University Student Ambassadors led a variety of workshops and a campus tour for the students to enjoy and engage with. Some of the activities included discovering the educational pathway to University applications, using a prospectus to gather information and playing educational games.

After tasting the local university cuisine, a campus tour gave them a glimpse of different courses available, lecture halls, student accommodation and the range of clubs on offer. Throughout the day students were able to ask questions and develop a greater knowledge of the opportunities University can bring. Before leaving, students were given the chance to collaborate in groups to produce and deliver a presentation of what they had learnt.

Following a successful day, the students came away from the experience inspired and any preconceived glass ceilings were broken.

Year 7 Streetwise

The theatre company 'Streetwise' came into school last week to perform a thought provoking production about the importance of road safety.  This included some key facts and possible risks that students take without even being aware, such as using your mobile phone while by a road.  After the production the students were able to be involved in a workshop which included discussions about what they watched and why it might be important for road safety.  The session ended with a quiz where the students where put in two teams and battled it out to be the group that could answer the most about of question correct and were, therefore,  'streetwise'.


Mr French presented an assembly this week on the theme of community and the decisions we all make that can help to improve life for every one and provided a real life experience to illustrate that it could be sometimes very difficult to make those decisions. 

Students were asked to reflect on the fact that the decisions they make ultimately define them.


It was lovely to receive the letter below from the Mayor of Woking, thanking our students and staff for participating in the Remembrance Day Parade. Our students were a credit to the occasion and to the school.
Thank you to everyone who took part.

Fantastic Outcome!

The PTA Quiz Night was a huge success, with over 150 people joining in a great evening.  Everyone enjoyed it so much that they were trying to sign up for the next one.
Mrs Cotter organised much of the event, ably supported by Mr Fisher.  She managed to secure two star Quiz Masters, Mr Ludlow and Mr Toovey, as well as encouraging John from Catering Academy to cook an amazing curry.

The event raised over £1600 towards the library project.

Thank you to every one involved.

The next Quiz will be on Friday 24th March.  Will you be there?

Friday, 25 November 2016

Year 10 in Action

Year 10 News

There have been a number of changes in Year 10 this term and we always look forward to celebrating the success of our students.  The news letter pictured below has been sent home to all parents, to enable everyone to be informed about the work that is taking place.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Looking Forward to...

Making a Choice

The last display of 2016 is up in the LRC. Brand New Books including YA fiction, non-fiction, YouTuber biographies and the introduction of a Manga collection! Under the tree Winston staff have chosen their favourite books, and with only their recommendation to go by it might not be what you'd expect...

We're looking forward to seeing this display in a grander scale when it's up in the
 new Study Centre in the Autumn!

If you have any books in good condition that you think Winston students would enjoy, why not donate them? Contact the school office for details. 

To Friendships

Scarlett and Shinal came to see me today with their homework, two boxes of lovely cakes!  These were the friendship cakes that they had made at home.  They had worked together and told all about the experience, including how much flour had ended up on their clothes!!  The girls then showed me their recipe for friendship, which is worth some reflection time.

A First for Winston

Year 9, 10 and 11 girls have experienced Lacrosse today for the first time!! Coaches from the Woking Lacrosse Club visited our school today, to provide our students with taster sessions, taking them through the basics of passing, catching, and scooping! The girls then enjoyed some competitive game play! It was well received and the smiles on faces was pleasing to see! We may well see it on the curriculum in the near future!! I also hope that some enjoyed it enough to attend Woking Lacrosse Club, based at SJB on Mondays, 4-5pm!!! #getinvolved 
Miss Howe

Friday, 18 November 2016

Wecome Back!

Awards Evening

I was delighted to welcome back to Winston last year's Year 11 students to collect their certificates and celebrate their success.  The certificates were presented by Cllr Anne Murray, 43rd Mayor of Woking.  The buzz in the hall emphasised just how close this group of young people became as they grew together throughout their time at Winston.  I can announce that all our students, who left Winston in the summer, have gained a college or training place; a great achievement for 294 students.

It was lovely to see so many students and their parents coming together to recognise the achievements of all our young people.  Thank you to all the staff who were able to join in the celebration include some teachers who have moved on to other schools.

A huge thank you to Mrs Pat Taylor who organises the whole event and ensures that it runs smoothly. This was Mrs Taylor's final awards evening, as she will be leaving Winston at Christmas for a new venture.  We will all miss her.

A lovely welcome from Ryan and Sam

A hall packed with anticipation!
Award Winners.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Christmas Studio Experience

Christmas Recording Studio Experience

The Winston Churchill School is pleased to offer you the chance to purchase a recording studio experience for your son or daughter, within our state of the art recording studio. This fantastic experience includes:
  •  up to 3 hours in our recording studio where we will produce a professional recording of their particular talent- whether it is singing, playing an instrument or show reel. At the end of the experience you will receive:
-          A CD containing a recording of 3 tracks
-          A DVD of one of the tracks as a video
-          Photos of the experience
  • The CD and DVD covers will be created by your child and will include photos from the day. *More disks can be produced on request.

The package is the perfect opportunity to show off your son or daughter’s talent, and gives a memorable experience along with a professional CD/DVD package at the end. This experience is an ideal way to produce memorable Christmas gifts for your friends and family. We have recording studio slots after school and at weekends and are available from now until the end of term. Recording sessions are subject to availability so please book early to avoid disappointment.
The recording studio experience costs £90. To book a place please phone  01483 485265 (option 2)
Mr A Woods
Radio Woking Studios Technician

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Whole School Experiences


Large numbers of students are getting involved in our Interform Competitions this week. The PE department have organised a range of sporting events and tutor groups are fielding teams to win points, allowing them to climb the league table.  Final positions will be announced at the celebration assemblies at the end of term.  It was great to see so many students taking part, with enthusiasm and determination to represent their tutor group to the best of their ability.
The events go on all week after school. Thank you to the PE Department and particularly the PE Prefects for organising the competitions.

Assembly this Week

The theme for this week has been Anti-bullying and in this assembly there was a focus on accepting that we are all different and that unkindness of any type will not be tolerated by our school community.  Part of the assembly allowed to students to reflect on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and how everyone, regardless of sexual orientation is respected as part of our community.  The role of the ABC, Anti Bullying Committee was highlighted, including the online reporting system, for students who have concerns.

There was a clear message to students, that everyone in the school is responsible for caring and being kind to all members of our community and that sharing concerns with a member of staff is important.


Year 11 students are taking part in a course to gain Barista qualifications after school.  The aim is to help them find part-time employment to support themselves through sixth form college and university.  The course is run by Mrs Clark in our new Coffee Shop.  This facility will eventually be open to the public when the Sports Centre is open.  From personal experience I can tell you that they make great coffee!!