Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Work Begins!

Music Suite

Mr Drake's classroom has been emptied and decorated.  New flooring is being put down before the next stage of the transformation can be completed.  Watch the blog to find out how this
work progresses.

Additional Teaching Walls

Rooms 7, 8 and 9 are being restructured to include new white teaching walls.  However, there is a lot of work to do to ensure that old pipework and sinks are removed, as the rooms were once used for art lessons.

Refurbishing English Classrooms

Each of the rooms in the English Block are being refurbished.  The walls are being painted, floors replaced with new carpet tiles upstairs and vinyl on the ground floor. The aim is to give a fresh, light feel to each room, ready for it to become the Year 7 Centre in September.  This is a very big job as this involves at least 10 rooms.The boys toilets are also being completely refurbished.

The Main Entrance

The aim is to give a bright new look to this area of the school!

 What do you need to clean a school?

Winston Fashion!

The Fashion Show

Miss Barker-Dodds created a new platform for Winston students and staff to display their talent in a sensational Fashion Show.  The student designers have worked for a year planning and making their creations.  Students were then given the opportunity to audition to be models for the event and were paired up with a designer to ensure that the outfits were made to measure!

Year 9 students were able to showcase their designer pyjamas, Year 10 displayed a range of corsets and Year 11 their final examination piece.  In the middle of the show staff illustrated fashion through the ages which culminated in a great round of applause.

Our students who study the Beauty Therapy course completed the look with hair and makeup to complement the clothes.  For these students it was a double celebration as they had just successfully completed their course and had received certificates.


The Team of Winston Beauty Therapy students who completed the make overs of the 24 models.

The Compare: Tyrese
Mr Hough and Mrs O'Brien
Miss Dixon

Saturday, 23 July 2016


Year 9 Assembly

There was a great deal to celebrate at the Year 9 Assembly.  Huge numbers of students gained certificates for achievement points and there was also recognition for students having excelled in each subject.  As you can see from the images below there were a number of sports awards presented, including the District Athletics Cup to our Year 9 girls.


Year 7

Mrs Smith and Year 7 always set the standard when celebrating student achievement.  This year's assembly was no exception; awards for achievement and excellence in each subject area, awards for attendance and contributions to the school.  there were some outstanding performances form individuals and groups of students and then in the middle a 'Flash Dance'.  Everyone joined in to create a lively end to a great year.

Year 8

Mr Fricker ran the longest Celebration Assembly this year and included a new, surprise element of the Dance Off!

Prizes were awarded for the best subject performance and for gained Achievement Points.  The Attendance Award featured alongside some outstanding musical performances. Everyone was in PE kit as they all were going to participate in the Mini Olympic in the afternoon.


Year 10

Of the 300 students in Year 10, over 270 individuals achieved recognition and certificates for their achievements this year.  This year group are facing a challenging year ahead as they will take the new tougher GCSEs, however, they are an outstanding group of young people who are determined to do well.
Meetings prevented me from attending the assembly and taking the customary photographs for the blog but I wish Year 10 a happy and productive summer break.

Friday, 22 July 2016

End of Term

Mini Olympics

 This event was reinstated this week after the storms drove everyone inside last week.  This was a super experience for all year 7 and 8 students.  Everyone participated on behalf of their Tutor Group.  It was great to see children enjoying the range of fun activities organised by Mr Cotton.  Thank you to Lucy Cook for suggesting that we arrange an event where everyone could take part.  As you can see there was plenty for everyone to enjoy and the weather was perfect.  Both the competitive spirit and the laughter made a great success.


 Hot Summer Days

We have had very few exceptionally hot days this year but students handled the weather, this week, incredibly well.  Everyone was able to wear PE kit when temperatures were predicted to reach at least 30 degrees, which we all agreed was more comfortable.  Students also took the opportunity to sit in the shade on the AstroTurf areas during break and lunchtime.


Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to our colleagues is always hard, especially when they have given so much to Winston.  Mrs Broyd has decided to retire after 36 years at the school and she will be missed by both staff and students.  She has supported new teachers into the profession, alongside teaching the subject of Geography, her passion.  As a member of my Senior team, she has worked tirelessly to achieve the vision and provide the best opportunities for young people.  Mrs Broyd has always put Winston first and she now deserves to have the time to explore the world further and enjoy a long and happy retirement.
A number of other staff entertained us with their memories of working at Winston, during a lunch to say farewell to our valued colleagues.