Thursday, 30 June 2016

Goodbye to Year 11

Leavers' Assembly

Students in the current Year 11 gathered today for their final assembly!

Arriving to meet up with their friends and members of their tutor group, they met on the patio before entering the hall.  Rehearsals had taken place during the week to ensure that this was a memorable experience for all.


 Gifts for the Form Tutors.
 Farewell speech from Mr Byrne recognising the contribution made by the Year Group to the school.

We wish Year 11 a great summer and look forward to seeing them on Results Day in August!  They have been a super cohort of young people and we will miss them.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Day 2 at Winston

Starting with Breakfast Club!

 Some students and their parents joined us for Breakfast Club with Mr Ludlow and Mrs Seaney.


Lessons during day two included Geography

Children enjoying the Lunch Break

 Assembly at the end of the day...


Well done Year 7, you have made a great start to your career at Winston.  Remember, the challenge is that I expect your year group to be the best year group in the school! 


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Year 6 Join Winston

1st Assembly

Welcome to our new Year 7 students!  Winston was delighted to see the whole cohort of students together for the first time.  Mrs Smith had arranged a puzzle for students to solve and an opportunity for students to find the other members of their group before the assembly took place.  Clear expectations were set out by Mrs Smith and I had the opportunity to talk to students, for the first time, about being part of the Winston community.  The prefects then wanted to capture the moment and filmed the students as they joined in a Mexican Wave across the hall!

1st Break

Students enjoyed some social time on their own as a Year Group.

1st lessons

Students worked with their mentors and staff during the day in a range of lesson.  Below are students taking part in a lesson about the skeleton and then a mystery to solve in a History lesson.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Winston tomorrow!

The Whole Child

Mental Wellbeing

Following on from Assemblies last week, Youth Workers from CAMHs have been in school encouraging students to consider their own wellbeing and that of their peers.  Students are being made aware of the support and information available to them.  The Youth Workers have been available throughout the lunch break, encouraging students to engage to improve understanding of these challenging issues.


Year 10 Enterprise

The English Department organised Enterprise Day for our Year 10 students.  The theme was communication and the students experienced a range of activities that supported their development in this area.  From being an operator in a call centre to marketing a new product, students had to work together to achieve the best outcomes in each scenario.
Thank you to Mrs Southern and her team for providing such a  valuable experience for our students.


Woking 6th Form College

Year 10 students had a positive experience on Monday morning, talking to tutors from Woking 6th Form College.  They were able to discuss their aims for the future and possible subject combinations that would help them to achieve their goals.  This will be followed up with a taster day at the college later this term.
Thank you to the Principal, Mr Ingram and his staff for supporting our students.