Friday, 27 May 2016

Winston in Russia!

Russia Trip Up-date

Great first couple of days!!  We've met an astronaut, had some brilliant talks, completed a pedestrian and a bus tour of Moscow and today have been to the astronaut training centre. After dinner we are meeting another astronaut. Apparently he might be bringing space suits with him that we can try on- fingers crossed!!! Tomorrow we are touring other parts of the city and the metro. The students have been absolutely fantastic.  There are a lot more photographs to follow!

Miss Dixon

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

This Week

Understanding Disability

Mrs Harper and the new team of senior prefects presented an assembly this week on ASD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  With the use of well thought out questions and some interesting film clips students, in each year group, have begun to develop a better understanding of the ways in which young people with ASD can be supported.

Governors Visit Maths

Three governors spent the day in the Maths Department on Monday, talking to staff and students and gaining a better understanding of how maths is taught. The team of governors will report back to the full governing body with their findings. 


Winston Athletics Teams competed in the first round of the English Schools Athletics competition on Wednesday 13th May at Epsom track.  We were greeted with a drenched sandpit and a waterlogged discus circle however all teams did us proud on the day and achieved some fantastic results.  Even though we were missing some athletes from the team, our Inter-girls team (Y9&10) finished in a respectable 5th place on 259pts.  Amy Braid ran the 100m in 12.4sec earning her team a massive 32 pts, Aimee Mattingley completed her 200m race in 27.2 sec contributing 23pts, Jen Bowman threw a javelin 22.41m gaining 20pts and Amanda Chimbina putted a shot 8.14m earning 19pts.  Our Inter Boys team was extremely strong this year and they didn't disappoint winning the meet with a massive 427pt total, meaning that they progress into the regional finals in a couple of weeks time. Every member of the team contributed over 25 points for the team, however, stand out performances go to Kian White in the high jump and 100m and Ben Steer in the 300 and shot put who both scored a huge 45 points out of a possible 56 for the team. A massive congratulations to the boys and we look forward to the next round.  
The Junior girls team (y7&8) finished in 4th place overall 246pts.  Outstanding individual performances came from Lois Henley who ran the 100m in 13.2 sec earning her team 27pts, and Grace Tweddle who ran the 800m in 2min 52 sec contributing 17pts to the total.  A great team effort by all involved. Our Junior boys' team finished a respectable 4th from the 6 teams who entered. A respectable effort for their first ever English Schools and we hope to build on the success as they move on through the school. Stand out performers for the year 8 team include Dexter Musa who competed in the 200m and Relay (33pts), Ben McHugh in the Hurdles and Relay (32 pts) and Jake Spiller in the Long jump and relay (29 pts). A big congratulations to all who took part and we look forward to the District Athletics events later this year.
Miss Howe and Mr Toovey

Working with Theo Fennell

Miss Blackman took eight students from years 10 and 9, who had submitted some wonderful designs to Theo after the Master Class earlier in the year, which he selected for being so spectacularly creative. The students travelled to London and spent the morning looking at the inspirational exhibits from around the world at the V&A drawing from observation and then transforming them into their own designs.  It was a short walk across to Theo Fennell’s Fulham Road store & workshop – the only place of its kind in the country where the pieces are designed, made & sold in the  same place. Theo showed the students all of his fantastic designs and talked them through how he gets inspired to make his lovely pieces.  The students also discovered how he sources the exotic gem stones he uses and how even the packaging is designed so that the piece is stored in an eye catching and safe way.

What next? Theo is selecting one students from the group to have work experience with him in the workshop this summer.



Monday, 23 May 2016

Loving Learning

Year 7 Book Club

Year 7 have started a book club which takes place once a week after school.  They have started to plan their activities and have made a decision to participate in the Carnegie Shadowing Programme.
Watch this space for more details of their club.

French on Friday

 Year 7 were enjoying a French lesson with a new member of staff.  I was impressed with their listening skills and the level of active participation with the learning.

A Really Cool Teacher!

This was the verdict of the Mrs Eyre's class as she used the technology to randomly select a student, using photographs, to complete a task on the board.  The students were identifying, from a mark scheme, where they felt they needed support, from their teacher, to successfully complete a task.

Year 9 Maths Leaders

Our Year 9 students welcomed Year 6 students to Winston for a challenging afternoon of mathematics!  The students told me that the tasks set were hard, level 6, but that they were supported to problem solve their way through the challenges.

We look forward to welcoming these students to our school in September.

The Quiche Challenge

Year 8 were challenged to making a Quiche on Friday in a lesson with Miss Barker-Dodds.  The group were very focussed and organised, as they had to meet some very tight deadlines to complete the task successfully.

Year 7 German Lesson

The group below were praised by their teacher for the hard work and determination they demonstrated throughout the lesson.  Well done Year 7.

Friday, 20 May 2016




Within The Radio Woking Studios, we are offering Individual Studio Tuition for your son or daughter.  The Tuition sessions allow your son or daughter to learn some professional skills in sound technician and Music Production. Within the Studios you will learn about recording mixing and producing within a Studio environment. For further information on what is included in the tutor session, please contact Alex Wood, details below.

Each session is 1 hour 30mins long, and within the session your child will be set achievable targets to really push the potential of some professional skills. The sessions are paid upfront termly which is 8 weeks’ worth of lessons.

 If you would like to sign your son or daughter up to some Studio Tuition please email: 

Start dates are usually the beginning of each term however, if you are keen to get started then we can happily start you early.

If you have any queries or questions please email

Alex Woods

Radio Woking Studio Technician 


Monday, 16 May 2016

Great Outcomes!

Outstanding Food Production

CLASS 9C1 ( Mrs Vadi's class) were given the challenge to prepare a starter and dessert.

Members of the staff were invited to be judges. Their task was to judge a dish on its appearance and overall taste.

Kaia C, Holly K, Lucy M won dessert section for appearance of their Vegan Chocolate Brownie served with a black cherry sauce. Lyndon K, Cameron F and Shafiq H produced a Chocolate fondant that was described as 'professional tasting'.

Francis Parker prepared and cooked the winning tasting savoury dish when he prepared a Chorizo Paella. Caitlin F, Ellen H and Mia C were awarded the best presented dish when they prepared a mini burger with freshly baked potato wedges.

All the dishes were of a high standard. Students showed practical, organisational and team skills.



Students in Year 7 were competing in a competition between tutor groups on Monday of this week.  It was impressive to see so many students taking part.  The final results for all of the inter-form competitions will be announced at the Celebration Assembly in July.  Well done to everyone involved.


Assembly this Week

Assemblies this week have been taken by Mr French and the theme of challenge and resilience.  Mr French talked about the importance of developing emotional intelligence to help us all to manage how we feel but more importantly to understand how others may be feeling.

Parents Evening

As part of our agenda to listen to and provide a better experience for our parents changes were made to the arrangements for Parents' Evening last Thursday.  From the survey results and talking to parents, Mr French then made the following adjustments:
Tables were spread out into the Churchill Suite, as well as the hall, offering a more comfortable environment.  Some staff were grouped together in their subject team, rather than relying on an alphabetical arrangement.  Tea, coffee and water was also available.  On the board was a plan of the seating arrangement to help parents find the location of the teachers they wished to see.
Parents were asked at the end if this was an improvement on their previous experience.  The outcome is in the image below.


Friday, 13 May 2016

Moving on...

Year 11: Friday 13th May

Students enjoying some final moments at Winston before they sit their GCSE and BTEC examinations this summer.  We wish them every success and look forward to seeing them in revision sessions over the coming two weeks.