Friday, 29 April 2016

Working Together

‘Show Racism the Red Card’

Our ABC, Anti Bullying Committee, distributed thirty ‘Show racism the red card’ cards this week to each Tutor Group. This initiative  follows on from our anti- racism assembly last term.  The aim is that all students and staff will sign a card, which the ABC will then use to create a large mosaic of our school badge. It will signify the whole school coming together, unified in their action against racism.

PTA Quiz Night

Friday 22nd April was the first fund raising event for the Library Project following the launch to parents.  This increasingly popular event proved to be highly competitive, as well as good fun.  The winners were The Science Department Team.

A very simple way of supporting the school is the 'Easygiving' website, through which we earn money, at no cost to you.  Help us to support your child by shopping online through this site.

Top PTAsAmount Raised
1. Bleasby School Friends…£11,069.61
2. Belmont Primary School…£6,650.03
3. Holland House & Town School…£5,766.71
4. Southfield Primary School - W4£5,760.94
5. Wood End School PTA£5,350.57
6. Pate's Grammar School…£5,013.94
7. Holy Trinity C of E Primary…£4,974.08
8. Friends of Our Lady of…£4,887.10
9. Benhall Infant School…£4,734.17
10. St Paul's Parents Association…£4,715.70
236. The Winston Churchill School PTA, St Johns£1,528.77

Assembly this Week

Mr Jennings delivered an assembly on the theme of 'Change and Challenge'.  Students were asked, with the help of a video, to look forward to 2028 and to consider the changes that might take place over the next twelve years.  Questions were then posed about how we all prepare for possible changes and how we deal with change in our own lives.  This developed into consideration of the skills that we all need to help us to manage change and linked with the learning competencies being developed at Winston.

Mrs Southern sets a Challenge

To mark the day of Shakespeare's death, students were presented with a game.  Teachers were asked to t
ry to include the quotes below in the lessons they taught on Monday.

Form tutors were asked to tell students to look out for  short Shakespeare quotes in every lesson and get them to tweet us if it they think they have spotted all 5 at @wcscenglishdept.
Period 1: Better three hours too soon than a minute too late (Merry Wives of Windsor)
Period 2: ‘All that glisters is not gold (The Merchant of Venice)
Period 3: Be not afraid of greatness. (Twelfth Night)
Period 4: No legacy is as great as honesty (Alls Well That Ends Well)
Period 5: Go wisely and slowly.  (Romeo and Juliet)



Sunday, 24 April 2016

It is Easy!

It will not cost you anything!

Please help us to raise funds for the school.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

This Week...

Assembly: Respect

Mr McLeish delivered assemblies this week on the key area of Respect. 

Students were asked to consider the importance of respect and the presentation was illustrated with a number of football related video clips which highlighted how respect could be demonstrated between opposing teams and towards the referee.


I received the following this week...
'I am honoured to inform you that Adam Guest (Year 9 pupil at your school) has been a regular member of the Surrey Schools FA Representative U14 team this season which won the South East of England League, along with reaching the SEESFA and ESFA National Cup Finals.
 The ESFA National Cup final will be at the SkyBet Championship ground St Andrew’s, Birmingham City on Tuesday 10th May 2016, 1200 KO.
Adam has been part of a very successful Surrey squad this year giving up many of his Saturdays to be part of the team that has triumphed against Sussex, Inner London, Buckinghamshire, Kent, Hampshire and Bedfordshire on their way to securing the South East of England League, SEESFA Final and National Final place and I believe his achievements should be highlighted to you as he has been a real credit to your school.'


Congratulations Adam and good luck for the next match and your future with the team.

Active Kids Vouchers

Keep Collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers – encourage students to bring them in.
The winning form in the school will get to choose their prize from the Sainsbury’s catalogue – highlights include digital cameras; CD players; electronic dartboard; martial arts/dance workshops (for a whole class)!!

Top of the School League Table: 8GSM – 1923

These vouchers help enormously in buying PE, HT & DofE equipment, saving the school a lot of money.
Get your vouchers to the LRC to be counted!
Many Thanks
Dan Fisher

Friday, 22 April 2016

Thank you

Project Launch!

Thank you to everyone who attended the launch of our building project on Thursday evening.  The plan to build a Library and Planetarium, a study centre which will allow our students the opportunity to explore space, was welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm from parents and students.  The presentation included a virtual tour of the proposed new building and an understanding of the range of subjects that could benefit from this teaching facility.  Parents then had the opportunity to discuss ways in which we could raise the remaining funds required to complete the project. 

Our fund raising is being co-ordinated by Mrs Cotter, supported by Mr Fisher.  Please feel free to contact them with ideas or opportunities to support the development of this project for the benefit of your children and our community;

Here are some of the highlights from the ideas suggested by parents and students at yesterday’s launch event:

·         Sponsored ‘Spin’ to the moon/ Moonwalk (cycle/run/row the distance to the moon)
·         Film Night
·         Take a photo of school from space to sell in Winston made frames
·         Science festival
·         Winston’s Got Talent/Staff Panto
·         10k run – people pay to run
·         Pamper evening – led by beauty students
·         Summer Fayre
·         Xmas Fete

 Together we can make this happen.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Opening Doors to Other Worlds.

Lift Off!

On Thursday evening parents joined us to help launch the fund raising to complete our new building project.  The Winston Churchill School Library and Planetarium will be constructed on the site, adjoining the English Block, by the end of 2017, the 50th anniversary of the school.

The Project:


To design, build and run an outstanding facility, that both inspires and furthers the study of space, through science and astronomy and to meet the needs of learners aged 10 – 75+; allowing our students to access emerging technologies, to explore and make sense of an ever-changing universe.

This dedicated suite would include:

1.       A planetarium, able to bring the universe to our students
2.       Digital and on site observatory facilities; remote access to telescopes worldwide
3.       Equipment to monitor and study the sun
4.       Space for lectures & research regarding the exploration of space & emerging technologies

It would enable learners to:

·         Become excited about the origin and evolution of the Universe.

·         Develop their understanding of the physics of the universe

·         Have unrestricted access to a safe environment in which to study

·         Use a range of equipment that is not usually available to learners

·         Access images of the universe through the remote use of telescopes abroad

·         Use equipment to study the sun

·         Create opportunities to study an aspect of the universe of particular interest

·         Enable students to achieve recognised qualifications

'If we are to survive as a species we must ultimately spread out to the stars' 

'Astronomers believe that there is a reasonable chance of an Earth like planet orbiting one of the stars in the Alpha Centauri system.  But we will know more in the next two decades from ground based and space based telescopes.‘

Stephen Hawking  12th April 2016

We need you help and the support of local businesses to complete our fund raising.
The cost will be £1.5 million but we have already raised £1.2 million over the last three years.

Will you help us?

Possible ideas:
u Buy a brick, have your child's name permanently in the building
u Buy a book
u Sponsor your child for an event
u Shopping Cards (we are reviewing this)
u Make a donation or set up a direct debit at
u AND ………. How could you help us to build this facility for your child?



Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Exciting Opportunities!

 Ray Morgan at Winston

Ray Morgan, Chief Executive of Woking Borough Council and his Deputy Douglas Spinks, visited Winston on Tuesday 19th March for a briefing regarding our proposed building project.  We were able to provide a preview of the building, including a virtual tour, as well as walking the site and looking at the potential to make a difference for the students at Winston and those in other schools.  The presentation was received with enthusiasm.

The project is being launched to parents on Thursday 21st April at 7.00pm in the Main Hall.  Everyone is welcome.

Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition

You really know Spring has properly arrived when the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions start! This year is no exception, especially at the Winston Churchill School. On 14th and 15th April a group of Year 9 students, together with staff, went on a walking expedition around Shere, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Our start was Newlands Corner with the aim to arrive at Bentley Copse campsite by 4 pm.
Each student took turns with navigation, were able to develop map reading skills as well as aiming to arrive at each checkpoint within the required time. After walking for 4 and a half hours, we safely arrived at our destination.  Students got themselves organised in pairs, setting up their tents and cooking their dinner.  Gathering wood for the campfire was our next task. It was a problem solving situation since we had to find wood which was most suitable for burning. Molly sorted it out by using dead green pine tree branches which set ablaze beautifully. Toasting marshmallows was a very enjoyable, delicious experience!

The next day found us with wet tents and dismantling camp in less favourable conditions. Still after breakfast, we were all ready to start again. We walked through rain and muddy footpaths, following a route which eventually led us to our destination.
Well done to all students who participated!



Monday, 18 April 2016


Will you be the first to know?

A New Term

7CM History Competition!

Mr Williams challenged his students in 7CM with an interesting piece of work, in the form of a quiz about King John and the Magna Carta.  Recently in every group, taking this challenge, the girls have won, however, the boys accepted the challenge and were determined to shine.

Year 8, The Stream at Work

Students were hard at work this morning planning a new hotel complex for the Isle of Wight.  They were about to present their plans to the rest of the class.  One group excelled with this task, working effectively as a team and problem solving their way to a solution: Aimee, Lauren, Maryam, Claudia and Esme.


Chelsea's Choice

This play and discussion focussed on the relevant and challenging areas of child sexual exploitation.  Year 9 students. 
This production aimed to raise awareness in sexual exploitation, grooming, healthy relationships and safe internet use.

Assemblies this Week

 The focus has been on making good decisions to avoid having a difficult day!  Students were asked to think about what they would like to achieve in a day and the barriers that stopped them attaining their goal.  We also explored the idea that some individuals were 'lucky' and realised that so called 'lucky people' were just good at taking the opportunities presented to them, had very high expectations of themselves and were resilient and didn't give up!


This week governors have attended the Teaching & Learning Committee and a working group to look at the latest government policy changes.  Further details will follow as the information becomes available and parents will be kept up-to-date as the governor's strategy is developed.


Two of our former students have been offered a place each at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Both girls left here in 2014.

Courtney Collins, formerly of Winston Churchill School (Engineering), Cambridge

Phoebe Evans, formerly of Winston Churchill School (Psychology), Oxford
We wish them every success in the summer examinations.