Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Progress: Week 2

The Hall

Creating a new look!

The Classrooms

Floor to ceiling renovation; ensuring a new positive learning environment.

Asbestos Removal

 This essential work is time consuming but needs to be carried out to enable the hot and cold water pipes to be replaced.


Making more space for learning; our new look Library continues to develop, while we raise funds to build a new facility.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Progress: Week One

The Hall

The old curtains are down and the work has begun.  The new curtains are on order!

Maths Classrooms

New floors, ceilings and paint work will complement the new teaching walls.  This will provide a larger, brighter learning environment.

The asbestos removal is also underway and areas of the school are being deep cleaned.  A huge amount of clearing out has also been happening and the skips are filling up fast!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Rising to the Challenge

My Wellington College Experience

A small group of thirty Year 10 students from various schools across the UK, were recently given the opportunity to go on a week-long residential programme at Wellington College.  After applications were sent and meetings were held, it was narrowed down to two students from Winston – myself and Imogen Gill.  On the 21st to the 26th of June, Imogen and I stayed in one of the boarding houses that the Wellington boarders would normally use.
We arrived on Sunday evening to a welcome speech from Mr Ed Schneider and Mrs Arielle Jennings Heal, along with each house leader to help us settle us in to our assigned house.  Later that day we got into small groups to help us to get to know each other.
Aside from Tuesday - where we visited Oxford University- the rest of the week was spent helping us improve our creative writing skills.  Monday and Wednesday were focused on mini-masterclasses such as Classics, Economics and English.  In classes such as Psychology and Sociology, we had debates around a large round table; called the Harkness method.  Thursday and Friday were focused on Write Club, which Chloe Combi (author of the newly published book: ‘Generation Z’) taught and created herself.
Tuesday was a very inspiring visit to the college of Brasenose, part of Oxford University.  We had a tour of the college, then a session in analysing chemicals similar to forensic science.  Afterwards we went to local museums.
Overall, the experience was very positive, in which I made many new friends, learnt new skills and had an insight into college and university life (and went swimming most mornings in a freezing cold, outdoor pool at 6:30am).
The images below are of the group both at Wellington and at Oxford.

Zoe Dongray 

Raising Funds for Winston

Taking part in a Colour Run allowed lauren to raise money for Winston.  The £40 raised will go towards the new benches being purchased this summer.  Well done and thank you Lauren for contributing to our community.

The Before!

Changes at Winston

There are a number of developments to the site which will take place during the summer break.  Below are some photographs of the areas that will undergo significant improvements.  I will add progress photographs to the blog over the coming weeks so that you can see the changes taking place aimed at improving the teaching environment, social spaces and the dining areas.  At the same time asbestos is being removed and new water pipes installed.

 Look out for changes to the Main Hall.

 The servery in the canteen is changing!

 There will be more space in the library.

The Maths and History Classrooms are being improved.

Improvements to the social spaces and a new food service on the patio!


Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Please Help Improve our Library

I need your help!
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The competition closes on 31st July 2015. Entrants must be aged over 13.

Saturday, 18 July 2015


Celebration Assembly

Year 7 celebrated the success they have achieved at Winston, during their first Year, in an inspiring assembly on Friday morning.  Awards were given to students for the number of achievement points gained, progress in a subject, attendance and contribution to the school.  The number of awards were impressive and indicate how amazing this group of young people will be next year.  Mrs Smith, Miss Chapman, Mrs Cotter and Mr Fricker are delighted at the way in which the students have supported each other and risen to the challenge.  Images from Newquay are at the end of this blog.

Plumbing at Winston

Some students had the opportunity to experience a plumbing course for six weeks this summer.  They had to master the use of a number of tools and techniques.  You can see these demonstrated in the image below.

 Year 7 in Newquay!

At 5am, Monday 6th July, twelve lucky teachers and one hundred and six very lucky year 7 students had the opportunity to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean for an action packed week of water sports in Newquay. Each day we set up camp on the beach, students participated in a mixture of challenges, games and fun activities including archery, rock climbing, a blind trail, beach volleyball, and a definite favourite, zorb football.  Twice a day our children ventured into the sea to try their hand at surfing, coasteering, sailing, kayaking, body boarding and paddle boarding. For many of our students this was a unique experience, and all to it superbly and where outstanding in their effort and achievements. 
Watching our students attempt new activities, face their fears and overcome many different challenges and supporting each other was remarkable and a pleasure to be a part of.
Aside from the water sports, we visited a local theme park to keep adrenaline levels high and also enjoyed beach bbq’s, an evening of bowling and a disco on the final night! All in all it was a brilliant trip, and our students were a credit to themselves and the school!

Miss Howe and Mr Toovey