Thursday, 30 April 2015

Challenge at Winston

The Wellington Experience

"Let's get Creative with Technology"

Nine students from Winston enjoyed an inspirational day at Wellington College in Crowthorne, working together, the students learnt about how to get a career in the various creative industries.  They were then were taught some programming – the students actually got to programme their favourite characters from Ice Age and Frozen. There was a talk from a Sega employee, who talked about careers in game design which led onto a workshop on animation and product design.  The students were most impressed by the product design talk from Seymour Powel who are currently designing the worlds first floating hotel.

Further opportunities for Winston students to attend activities at Wellington College are being planned for later this term, including the Wellington Summer Experience Programme, a one week residential programme, taking place in June. A group of students have made some fantastic applications for places and the Director of the Programme will now interview our students, as the last stage of the selection process.

Geography on the Field

Here are some pictures from 8W1’s lesson which took place on Wednesday morning – Miss Chapman decided to take advantage of the nice weather and do some field sketching on the school site! 

 Microsoft Academy Success!

Congratulations to Callum in Year 9 and Mrs Bracher who have both shown their proficiency in using Microsoft products by becoming Microsoft Office Specialists.  Callum successfully passed his certification in Microsoft Word 2013, and Mrs Bracher in Microsoft Excel 2013.  Winston Churchill is an accredited Microsoft IT Academy and so is currently offering staff and year 9 students the opportunity to become Microsoft Office Specialists.  This will shortly be opened up to other year groups and the wider school community.

Maths Challenge

The two top sets in Year 8 and thirty very able mathematicians from Year 7 took part in a National Maths Challenge on Thursday.  We are looking forward to the outcomes!