Saturday, 22 November 2014

Winston provides SMSC Opportunities

Winston at Wellington

On the 11th of November some of the most able students from Y10, went on a trip to Wellington College, to learn about post 16 pathways to Oxbridge and the Russell Group universities. Wellington College provided a speaker, someone who worked at Oxford University, to discuss with the students issues related to entry into the Russell Group universities and Oxbridge. They were told what kind of people go to these universities (clearing up the stereotype of 'posh tea drinkers') and about the great diversity of extracurricular societies within Oxford University. The students then took part in Wellington's Armistice Day Ceremony in which the Last Post was played by students of Wellington College. At the end of the day, our students came back happy, enlightened and with knowledge that will benefit them greatly, as they make important decisions about their future.

Yusuf Ismail

Winston's Astroturf Pitch

Great news; Winston's astroturf pitch has been awarded a FIFA 1* rating, following extensive testing by Labosport (who did the World Cup goal line technology).  This will shortly appear on their website after receiving the letter from the FA on 9th October.

There are only 2 other pitches in Surrey, and none in schools.

There are only 109 FIFA approved pitches countrywide and only 53 of them are schools, colleges or universities.

This continues to be a fantastic resource for our students and for the local community.

MFL Remembers

The Berlin Wall.
German students have been studying the Berlin Wall, the reasons behind it being constructed and why it fell in 1989. In follow up lessons this week, they have been watching and reading authentic German news reports on how Germany celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November.

8,000 illuminated white balloons lined the streets of Berlin last weekend marking out where the Berlin Wall once stood. These were released one-by-one amidst fireworks above the Brandenburg Gate on Sunday evening.
In the photos Year 9 and 10 students are holding balloons to replicate the spectacle of the ‘Lichtgrenze’ (border of light) which weaved its way across the city of Berlin.

The First World War
German students have been studying the events surrounding the Christmas Day Truce of 1914. They have been looking at a number of German texts describing life in the trenches.
Year 8 German students have been playing a game in target language called ‘Ärgere Dich nicht’ which was played by German soldiers in the trenches to help keep up morale.

French students have been studying the First World War though the eyes of French artists, with follow up activities in the target language.

Students also learnt about the ‘coquelicots en céramique’ or ‘Keramik Mohnblumen’ planted by volunteers in the moat at the Tower of London to commemorate the 888,246 British soldiers who lost their lives during the atrocities of the First World War. Students have been reading  and analysing French and German news articles about the unique artwork and its significance as a tribute to the fallen.
In the photos Year 9 students are analysing a text in German describing the Poppy artwork at the Tower of London. 

Year 8 RE

These photographs are of 8W1, working in groups, attempting to create an accurate representation of the history of South Africa from 1657 to the present day. They only had 50 minutes to complete this exercise, which was very challenging – the photos are of each group during this process. The overall topic is a study of Apartheid – this is their introductory lesson.

Dates to Remember

24th November:  
Parent Forum
27th November:  
Annual Awards Evening
4th December:  
Arts Awards Evening
11th December:
Year 11 Parents’ Evening
15th December:   
Carol Service - St John’s Church
17th December:
Christmas Concert
19th December:   
End of Term