Saturday, 28 June 2014

SMSC at Winston

Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural

Dimensions of Education at Winston

Art: The Exhibition
The work of Year 11 students was exhibited at a private viewing on Wednesday.  The standard of the pieces was excellent and the work was supported by sketch books tracking the development of each exhibit.  Thank you to Miss Sharma, Mrs Rothenburg and Mrs Ward for helping our students to reach their potential and for creating an evening aimed at celebrating success.

World Games Day

On Wednesday 25th June The Winston Churchill School held their annual World Games Day. This year was the biggest one yet with over 300 children in attendance from our local Primary Partnership Schools and more than 80 Young Leaders from Year 10 were involved. As always the World Games Day had an International theme, linking in with the current Football World Cup. Each Primary School represented a country from the World Cup Pools and created flags and a huge poster with interesting facts about their country. On arrival our Art Leaders face painted all the children with the flag of their country which always goes down very well, with most of our leaders getting involved too. Our Music leaders helped to keep everyone entertained with some great performances throughout the day. Once the events got underway, the day had a real buzz of excitement with children competing in activities such as assault courses, vortex throwing, sprinting and team building. This is also when our leaders really shone. On many occasions throughout the day I had teachers commenting on how impressed they were with all our students and I think they were excellent role models, representing Winston in such a positive way. The day concluded with a medal ceremony and the Music Leaders ensured we were all upstanding for our National Anthem which everyone sang beautifully.
Miss Godfrey and part of the organising team

SMSC in Textiles

The class was working in groups to show how the SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual Cultural)aspects of learning  Impact on the use of textiles. The student's enthusiasm was evident as they discussed how each are would be represented and the competitive side of them came out as original ideas were whispered. They are going to be investigating topics such as Sweat shops, landfills, fabric designs across the world and the importance of moral awareness between cheap commercially available clothes and recycling. On the 18th July groups will be presenting their work to the rest of the class.


Peer Mentors at Winston

The Year 8 Peer Mentors experienced a training session on Friday afternoon, in preparation for the Year 6 Induction Days next week. They are all looking forward to showing our new students around the site and supporting them with helpful information. The Peer Mentors will be outstanding role models for the school and take their position of responsibility very seriously.

We look forward to welcoming the new students to their new school.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Challenge at Winston

Mark Damazer at Winston

Mark Damanzer the Master of St Peter's College, Oxford and a former controller of BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 7 visited Winston on Tuesday 24th June to take part on an Oxbridge Challenge Day for twenty-five students in Years 10 and 11.  The day was organised by Mr Scrivener and Miss Lister and challenged the stereotypes associated with Oxford University, as well as challenge through the thinking skills required to answer Mr Scrivener's version of 'University Challenge'!
Mark Damanzer talked about why Oxbridge is a good place to study and the value of this type of education. He outlined the difference between Oxbridge and the other universities.  In a second session information was shared about the challenge of the application process and the interview.

The afternoon concluded with an interview conducted by Freddie Fisk, Headboy, on our radio station.  The link below will allow you to enjoy the full interview; the questions having been planned by the students.

Maths Challenge

On Thursday 19th June The Winston Churchill School Maths department competed in the SHAPE Inter School maths competition at Collingwood College.  We entered 3 teams, one from year 7, 8 and 9.  They had to complete 3 challenges involving a carousel of shape problems, a code breaker and a number relay race.  In addition to this, they also had to solve a pack of problems and find the nth term of sequences, with numbers being revealed slowly as the competition progressed.

The teams worked well together allocating the different tasks they faced, they tackled every problems to their best ability and were a credit to the school.  The year 7 team came 5th, the year 8 team came 5th and the year 9 team bettered their 3rd position last time, coming 2nd.

Winston joins the Wellington College Independent State Schools Partnership

Winston joins the Wellington College Independent State Schools Partnership

I am delighted to announce that Winston has been invited to join the ISSP with Wellington College and has accepted.  This will bring a number of benefits to our students and enable the school to offer opportunities to stretch and challenge our most able learners.

The programme will be led by  Mr Steven Rowe, Assistant Head with responsibility for the most able students at Winston.  This initiative will complement the work being put in place to create a bespoke curriculum for high achieving students, reflecting their ability to work at the highest level.

The programme for the Autumn Term includes:
·         A Further Maths Day
·         A Future Pathways Challenge
·         A Languages Day
·         A Science Day
·         An Oxbridge Introduction

These opportunities will be targeted on students in Year 9, 10 and 11 and Winston will be allocated ten places on each event, which take place at Wellington College.  This enables our students to be working with other very able young people from a number of schools in the Wokingham and Surrey Heath areas.

We are looking forward to a very successful partnership.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Winston and the Community

St Johns Village Fete

Last Saturday (21st June)  the school supported a successful St Johns Village Fete run by the 1st St Johns Scout Group. Ten of our students, drawn from Years 9 & 10, provided entertainment for hundreds of people throughout the afternoon performing in six musical acts who were supported by a team of three students from the school technical crew and Mr Justin Coll, Winston's Systems manager & Mr Alex Woods (a former student). In addition to the entertainment the school also provided some logistical support for the event in the form of tables, chairs & sports equipment and 10 Business studies students designed the front cover & centrefold for the programme which was sold to hundreds of homes prior to the event.  Mr & Mrs Byrne helped to co-ordinate the activities.

County Councillor Linda Kemeny & Councillor John Kingsbury both commented on how impressed they are with our students and on the impression they give to the community with regard to the high standard of uniform.
Radio Woking was also broadcast at the fete.
The images below show our students contributing to the afternoon.




Sunday, 22 June 2014

Year 7 Enjoying Learning

A Day out in London

Some Year 7 students enjoyed a day out in London and a flight on the London Eye.  Mrs Harper and her team were extremely impressed with the way in which students made the most of the experiences.
Students looking apprehensive on the escalator to the tube, some members of the group had never experienced the underground before. There are some pictures of the students in the pod of the London Eye - you can spot those who were confident and those who needed time to build their courage.  By the end of the 'trip' all the students were walking round the pod and spotting the sights of London. Afterwards we went into a 4D London Eye experience.




Making contour models out of papier mache. The students made hills then, when they were dry, they made a key and painted the hills to show height in metres.






Saturday, 21 June 2014

Activities Beyond the Classroom

Diversity Wall

Members of the ABC, The Anti Bullying Committee ran the assemblies this week on the theme of Diversity. During the session students were asked to work in pairs to write a statement, that both agreed with, that could be used to create the Winston Churchill School Diversity Wall.  The members of the ABC then spent two hours after school on Friday constructing the Wall.  It makes very interesting reading and reflects a student  and staff view that diversity is welcomed and respected at Winston.
Constructing the Wall

Has your statement been selected?

Year 11 V Staff Cricket Match

The Scene

It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the staff cricket team decided to entertain for the crowd by playing a 14 over match against Year 11.  Mr Taylor took on the hazardous role of being the Umpire and Year 11 went into bat first. Everyone enjoyed the spectacle of this highly competitive match.