Saturday, 29 March 2014

Being Inspired

War Horse

The ‘War Horse’ trip was a real success. The students behaved impeccably and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The life-sized puppets by South Africa’s Handspring Puppet Company were incredible and so convincing, bringing breathing, galloping and charging horses to life on stage. It certainly made the bond between the horse, Joey, and the main character, Albert, even more emotive and I have to admit a few of us shed some tears! An unforgettable theatrical experience that captured the hearts and minds of all.

The Work of a Paramedic

Students had the pleasure of meeting a paramedic in their Health & Social Care lesson on Tuesday.  Jenessa Allen, left Winston in 2009, having achieved a merit in her course.  She went on to attend Guildford College, succeeding in the National Diploma, which gained her entry to Surrey University to take a degree in Paramedic Practice.  Mrs Vadi said that Jenessa always knew what she wanted to achieve and really focussed to achieve her goal.  We are delighted that she was able to find time to support the learning of student on a similar pathway.

Making Revision Work for You

Students and parents had the opportunity to participate in some revision workshops on Thursday.  A number of Year 10 and 11 students enjoyed learning techniques that will support their revision over the coming year.  Our guest speaker helped to motivate our students and fostered a 'can do' approach.  Students reported that the techniques were helpful as they used relevant triggers which could be used to remember key information for examinations.

RE and the Holocaust

This lesson explored the Holocaust, which is a very challenging subject to teach and to study.  The materials are both complex and emotionally sensitive.  Many of our students find these sessions compelling, as well as containing important lessons for us today.

Plan the Prom!

This week in English lessons, Year 11 students have been busy planning their dream prom and pitching their ideas to fellow students and staff.  The task assesses a range of skills for the Speaking and Listening unit of GCSE English Language.  While Speaking and Listening marks no longer contribute to the final GCSE grade as of this year, we still have to submit marks and believe the skills utilised give students an understanding of what exactly goes into the organisation of such an occasion.   Students work in groups and have to decide on the theme, costings and details such as security and catering; they then have to deliver a 5 minute pitch followed by questions to the rest of their class. As you can see from the pictures below, students from 11WL pitched their ideas using a range of visual aids and a variety of themes including: The 80s, Harry Potter, Austin Powers and Las Vegas.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Duke of Edinburgh Award Ceremony

Year 11 Collect Bronze Awards

The ceremony to present students with their awards took place on Tuesday 25th March 2014, at The H.G. Wells Conference and Events Centre.  I was very proud to note that there were seventy students from Winston receiving their Bronze Award, more than at any other school.  However, it should be remembered that this is an individual challenge and each student had demonstrated commitment to the programme and displayed the determination to succeed.
The Awards were presented by Dame Sarah Goad DCVO JP, Lord Lieutenant of Surrey and Cllr Anne Roberts.

I am sure that, having had such a positive experience, students will want to go on to complete the Silver and Gold Awards.
This programme could not take place without the dedication of a team of staff, who willingly contribute their weekends to enable students to participate.  Thank you to Mrs Sigrist, Mrs Sweetman and Miss Perkins for their time and commitment, year after year, to this award scheme.


Monday, 24 March 2014

A Talking Head!

Radio Woking Interviews Mrs Johnson-Walker

I was invited to take part in a radio interview on Friday 14th March.  Radio Woking is in the new facilities, opened last term, as part of our recording studio complex.  Students broadcast their own shows at the end of the school day, which are both entertaining and informative.  Listen in through our main school website.
Nathan, Kyle and Aaron, from Year 7, planned and asked the questions.  Click on the link below to find out how it went.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Lessons that Challenge

Maths Challenge

Yesterday afternoon we competed in the SHAPE Inter School maths competition at Tomlinscote School.  We entered 3 teams: one in year 7, one in year 8 and one in year 9.  They had to complete 3 puzzles involving making squares from tangram pieces, solving a ships accommodation problem by being given riddles and needing to then position the numbers 1 to 15 so that each consecutive pair added up to a square number.  In addition to this they also had to solve a pack of problems.

The teams were highly enthusiastic, tackled every problems to their best ability and were a credit to the school.  The year 8 team came 4th and the year 9 team came 3rd.

Science Challenge

The Science Department arranged a number of exciting activities this week, including self DNA extraction and cutting melon with elastic bands, as well as making hydrogen rockets and tennis ball mortars!  
It culminated with fifty very able scientists remaining in school on Friday afternoon to work with engineers from Wood Group Kenny.  Students had to construct bridges from paper and string, costing out the materials, considering the quality of design and ensuring strength.  Testing took place at the end of the session and points awarded for each element of the project.

Team Panda, in the photograph below took the main prize.

Thank you to Mr Hough for arranging the activities, supported by the members of the Science Department, including our team of Technicians.  The learning buzz throughout reflected the passion for science and learning.

Glorious Gateauxs

Thank you to the GCSE Food Group for inviting me to take photographs of their superb work this week.  As you can see from the images, students are developing a high standard of skill.  Well done to everyone and to Bridie and Nick for ensuring that their work was celebrated.

Woking College and Economics

We were delighted to welcome members of the Woking College staff to a session after school, for Year 10 and 11 students, to explore the concepts and issues involved in the study of 'A' Level Economics.
Students were presented with a challenge around the topical issue of sugar in food.
Thank you to Mrs Bird for arranging this session and others related to the content of Business Studies.

Rotary Donation

Students are able to follow a variety of programmes at Winston and one very popular course is Heating and Plumbing.  On Friday afternoon the Woking Rotary Club came to observe the opportunities offered to young people and to present Surrey SATRO, who provide the tutor and the equipment, with a donation to enable them to continue with this work.
Winston students demonstrated the skills they have been developing.


Friday, 21 March 2014

Winston Winning the Battle!

                                          War Hammer

Well done to our fantastic winning War Hammer Team.  They competed in the National competition on Thursday, at War Hammer World in Nottingham and won!  This achievement takes the team into the final of the competition; we are the top team of 32 from across England & Wales who had qualified from the Heats. (There were 64 teams in the Heats).  They won 15 out of the 16 games played, demonstrating both strategic planning and skill.  Mr McLeish is very proud of the team and they are now planning their strategy for the finals.

Daniel Wicks, Ben Gerhard-Jones, Ussman Rehman, Kirrel Yurchev and Tom Atkins.
Daniel Wicks also won the ‘Best Painted Minature’competition; winning additional points for the teams overall score. This is an excellent achievement in its own right, as the standard of painting is extremely high.
Their behaviour, attitude, demeanour and teamwork was and is an absolute credit to themselves and especially the school.
Thank you also to Mrs Sanderson for getting up early and sharing the minibus driving with Mr McLeish.










Tuesday, 18 March 2014

An Explosion of Talent

                                                             Winston's got Talent

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to audition for a chance to compete against other performers and be judged by our very own ‘Simon Cowell', Mr McLeish, with the support of Mrs Bell.
On the evening of the event the audience were treated to a variety of acts including a stand-up comedian, mime, drumming, rock guitar and singing.  The winners were a duet with a song about the impact of bullying; Ellie and Jada.  Well done and thank you to everyone, performers and those students who managed the technical aspects of the evening.



Friday, 14 March 2014

Winston Reaches for the Sky

                                                   Balloon Launch

Year 8 raised money for Great Ormond Street Hospital by holding a balloon launch on Friday afternoon. 
Students were excellent as they waited for the balloons to be distributed, eager to release them into the sunny afternoon sky.
I trust that you will enjoy the photos below, the balloons created quite a spectacular sight.








Winston Works Hard and Plays Hard

                                         Year 9 Face Challenging Issues

All Year 9 students had the opportunity to participate in a theatre production and workshops on the challenging issue of domestic violence. Mr Donaldson commented on the high quality of the portrayal of this topic,  one that needs to be brought out into the open for discussion. The production company 
THEATRE ADAD, were exceptional and ran excellent workshops, enabling our students to fully and explore this issue.


                                                  Outdoor Education 

During the morning several lessons took place outside, making the most of the fine weather.

Mr Cumner with students learning about the forces on the launch of rockets.  The rocket eventually ended up on the sports hall roof!

Mr Cotton taking a table tennis lesson on the patio.

                                                 Bubble Football

Miss Lund organised Bubble Football this week to raise money for 'Help for Heroes'.  Students have had a great time, on sunny afternoons, rolling around the astro turf, attempting to play football.  However, the laughter of running into your friends, seemed to come before the aim of scoring goals.
Thank you to Miss Lund and the Sports Prefects for planning and arranging such a brilliant event.  Students have helped to raise at least £500 for the charity.



Winston finally meet their match

Situated in the vast, impressive and beautifully kept Chelsea F C training ground in Cobham, Winston Churchill's Y11 boys played their last match in the English Schools National Football Cup.

They were pitted against Whiftgift School from Croydon who were previous winners, semi finalists & finalists in recent years. Our boys played valiantly and battled hard taking the game to extra time after being a goal down in the first half. Rob Atkinson shot a fantastic goal to equalise in the second half, but the dream was not to be. Whiftgift scored again in extra time and held on to their lead.

Understandably the boys were disappointed but they should hold their heads up high. According to the Whitgift coach, Winston was the most difficult opposition their side had faced in the competition and our boys were "the most resilient against them".

Once again our Y11s "did us proud"; this is an experience that they will not forget. Amazing!!

 Mr McLeish; A very proud Team Manager.


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Winston receives Anti-Bullying Award

The work of the ABC Committee, the Winston group of students who work to ensure that everyone feels safe at school, held an assembly on Wednesday morning with a theme of homophobic bullying.
They presented the outcome of student surveys reflecting the attitudes of young people to the issue.
During the Year 9 assembly Mr Mark Scarborough, Local Education Officer for the North West, presented the school with a Bronze Ward for their work.  The ABC are now working towards the silver award and then onto gold.  They do a tremendous job and we are proud that their work has been recognised.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

7th March 2014

                                                      Pancakes for Breakfast

The Start Right Breakfast Club invited staff to share their pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.  As you can see in the photographs below, they created some delicious alternatives to the traditional pancakes with lemon and sugar.

The staff enjoying their pancakes.

The students involved in preparing the breakfast.

                                                       Cornflour on the Move

Students in science were exploring the properties of non-Newtonian Fluids by experimenting with different frequencies, which cause vibration of the cornflour and water paste.  Students were fascinated by the outcome and responded thoughtfully to the challenging questions.

                                                     Learning in Technology

Students were able to demonstrate the skills they have been developing in their Technology lessons this week.  

Making tablet covers in Textiles.

Layered salads.

We welcomed Mr Bagust, Deputy Headteacher from Cantell School, Southampton, this week.  He is visiting the Winston for a number of days to look at leadership across the school.  He has commented on how welcoming staff and students have been.