Friday, 20 December 2013

'Twas the week before Christmas' Chapter 3

The final day of the term began with the Year 7 Celebration Assembly and one of the highlights was Mr Lipscombe having his ponytail cut off to raise money for the Movember Appeal. It was impressive to see so many students collect certificates for their achievements this term.

                Some students took the opportunity to   
                                                                                           wear Christmas jumpers today.

Some students enjoyed a Christmas breakfast this morning with Mrs Bracher and Mr Davis.  The breakfast wraps were delicious and were followed by some fruit and drinks.

Year 7 and 8 students enjoyed a Christmas Disco, organised by the Team who will be taking part in an expedition to Borneo.  Students dressed up and devoured fruit sticks dipped in chocolate, drinks and danced the evening away.  Thank you to Miss Howe and Mr Reed for making the evening such a success.

Finally, I received the e mail below from Nicholas Cross, praising our students:

'I work for a small Guildford charity the Halow project. We support young people with a learning disability. My colleagues were recently on a bus with a large group of our young people. They were having trouble finding seats and students from your school were truly wonderful. 

They all gave up their seats and were extremely polite and thoughtful. I do not know who they are but I think their behaviour  deserves a level of recognition. 

It is sadly rare to meet people this considerate let alone school children. Presumably your school is enhancing these values and for this we thank you.

If you are able to find out who they were then please thank them on behalf of the halow project. '


Merry Christmas

As the term comes to an end, I wanted to thank everyone who has made me feel so welcome at Winston.  Staff, students, parents and governors have worked together to ensure that Winston is an excellent school for all.  These last two weeks have been a demonstration of all that is good in our school, with activities in the community, for charity and support for each other.  This blog represents a picture of the commitment of all those staff and students who make such a positive contribution and I am so proud of each one and I am sure that parents are equally as delighted. 
Thank you for your support.

I wish you and your family  a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

           Zoe Johnson-Walker


Thursday, 19 December 2013

'Twas the week before Christmas...' Chapter 2

Students from the Music Department enjoyed performing at Stokefields Care Home on Tuesday, at the end of the school day. This activity was organised by Mrs Hazzlewood. Students also visited the Princess Christian Care Home on Wednesday 18th December.  The comments received include: 

'We all loved it today! a Big thank you to you all!!'

Lou   (Princess Christian)

'We just want to say thank you so much for visiting and preforming out our home yesterday it was great and we always love to support schools in the local area. It was a great pleasure.'

'Thank you'              Sophie  (Stokefields)

The Senior Leadership Team enjoyed a superb afternoon tea on Wednesday, prepared by a team of gifted and talented Food Technology students.  The high level of skill demonstrated by these students was impressive, as was the standard of finish and presentation.


I was delighted to be asked to judge the Year 10 Christmas Cake competition, along with Mr Phillips and Ben Piette, of the London House Restaurant.  The standard was extremely high and reflected the high level of care and creativity demonstrated by the students.  I am sure their families will enjoy this traditional festive cake.


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

'Twas the football match before Christmas'...

Winston is buzzing with activity this week, starting with the Celebration Assemblies for every year group.  Students receive recognition for their performance in each subject and special commendation at Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze for the number of achievement points they have been awarded this term.  League Tables of the tutor groups are revealed and photographs and stories of the activities this term are shared.

The Year 11 Boys' Football team played a National Cup match on Tuesday, against Coombe Boys, in the last 32 schools of the competition.  This is the best Winston have ever achieved in the competition, which had a starting line-up of 820 schools.
The match was played in the rain, under flood lights.  Winston were winning 1-0 until the final minute of the game, when Coombe scored to level the match.  The whistle sounded the end of normal time and the team then had to re-group to face extra-time of 10 minutes each way.
Winston rose to the challenge and scored three goals, finally winning the match 4-1 and therefore, going into the next round, in the last 16 schools in the country.  Well done Winston, fantastic performance!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Carols for Christmas

Wednesday evening saw the start of as 'new tradition' for Winston, Mr Donaldson organised a Carol Service at St John's Church.  It proved to be a warm, friendly and thought provoking experience.
Students provided the music and the readings with such confidence and clarity and the congregation had the opportunity to sing favourite carols.  Refreshments were served to round off the evening.  It was great to see so many staff, students and parents present to share this experience.  Thank you to all those involved.

                                  St John's Church

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Christmas Party

Year 9 Asdan Group

These Year 9 students entertained staff to a festive Christmas Party on Tuesday.  They welcomed guests at the door and took us to our table.  They then took our orders for tea and coffee and ensured that we had plenty of lovely treats to eat.  The team were very impressive, demonstrating their customer service skills and ensuring that everyone had a great time.
Mrs Linehan & Mrs Arthur at the Party.

Christmas at Winston

The Christmas Tree has been decorated in Winston red and silver and we have experienced the Winter Concert.  So now is the time to collect your tickets for the Carol Service on Wednesday 11th December, at St John's Church, starting at 7.30pm.  I look forward to meeting you at this event.

Christmas lunch will be on Tuesday 17th December, ticket need to be purchased in advance, see the poster below.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

6th December 2013

If you have been following my blog you will have realised that every week is different and busy at Winston.  The diverse range of activities enriches the experience for students and staff.  The highlights this week included:
Students making jewellery in an after school club.
This was inspired by the visit from Theo Funnell, an exclusive jewellery designer who ran workshops for our students.  Each week the students make a charm for a bracelet, using a different technique.

 Examples of the charms.

Our Year 11 boys football team achieved success in the ESFA National Cup, winning 4 - 1 against Steyning Grammar School.  Rob Atkin scored one goal and Harry Chuw scored a hat trick. They are now in the last 32 teams in the country, a record outcome for Winston.  We wish them every success in their next game.

The Winter Concert provided an opportunity for students to demonstrate their musical talents in both solo and in groups. I am in awe of the confidence and skill of the young people at Winston and the commitment that they show towards their school.  The Technical Team were essential to the success of the evening and can be seen in the photograph below.

Year 11 students have experienced a Drive Smart presentation.  It is a very hard hitting and thought-provoking session around decision making and consequences.

Drive Smart

Students in Year 9 were challenged by a number of issues in the Be Smart Be Safe Day which took place on Friday in place of the traditional timetable.  The day covered a number of social problems including drugs, alcohol and domestic violence.  The sessions were taken by a number of visiting health professionals and we are very grateful for their support.

PC Craig Matthews working with a group of students.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Winston Winners

This is the amazing Winston staff football team who turned out on Friday evening to play a charity match in aid of Movember, against staff from Woking High.
Their performance was spectacular, if not elegant and most importantly Winston won the match 3 - 1. I trust they will be fit for school on Monday. 
Well done to the team but also a big thank you to all the students who turned up to support, their behaviour was outstanding and I was very proud of them.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Year 6 The Science of Food

It was great to welcome some very talented Year 6 scientists and their parents to a Master Class looking at Food Science.  Students engaged in a number of practical activities and learnt about how substances behave in different conditions.  There was a competitive atmosphere in the lab and that was just the parents.
                                    Thank you all the staff involved in the preparation and     
                                                                   delivery of the evening.
The parents hard at work!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

29th November 2013

Wednesday evening proved to be the highlight of the week, as the Creative Arts Department celebrated the range of talent across the school.  Awards were made in Art, Music and Drama and included recognition for technical support, without which none of these events could happen.  Parents, Governors and staff all joined the students to focus on the commitment and creativity of the young people from both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

The Award Winners
Nominees for Best Actor
Nominees for Best Actress 

The Inset Day focused on Active Learning, introducing a range of strategies to engage young people in their learning to enable them to make good progress.
Progress was also the focus of the Year 10 Parents' Evening.  This is the first one I have experienced and I was very impressed with the conversations that were taking place between staff, students and parents.  Thanks should also go to Our Head boy and Head girl, Harry and Lily, for organising the Senior Prefects and the timing of the evening.

There is a delicious smell around the school recently, as the Year 10 Catering Groups baked their Christmas Cakes.  The rich mixture was carefully prepared and are now awaiting marzipan and icing.