Monday, 25 November 2013

Radio Woking

I was privileged to attend the launch of Woking Radio at The Winston Churchill School.  Following a great deal of planning and hard work by Justin Coll, Simon Donaldson, Helen Bracher, John Parsons and the team, the radio station was officially opened by the Mayor of Woking, Cllr Anne Roberts.  We were joined by Rick Buckler, drummer with the Jam, as well as the Head of Media from Farnborough College of Technology, Lawrence McGee.  This is a fantastic new facility in which students host their own radio programmes, along side more experienced DJs.  The aim is to ensure that the radio station becomes a community facility, so if you are interested in supporting us please contact Justin Coll at the school. The students plan and deliver a diverse range of shows to meet a variety of interests and tastes.
To listen in, click on the link below or on the school website:

Thank you to everyone who made this project possible.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

22nd November 2013

Please support our staff as they do their best to grow a moustache to raise money for prostate cancer and cancer research.
 They have created a page on the Movember website for their team ‘The Winston Churchill Whisker Growers’ and you can donate to the charity on here. Just look for the team by following this link :

This week has been Anti-bullying Week and staff and students have been raising awareness, as well as raising money to support anti bullying charities.  Below you can see a picture of the Year 7 students in the Anti-bullying Assembly, taken by the ABC Group who work to challenge bullying in school.

I have been visiting lessons this week and have enjoyed a number of the activities I have seen. In Art students were looking at natural forms and enjoyed sketching and in Geography students were working in pairs, sitting back to back, to describe and challenge each other in terms of information.


The following was read out on BBC Surrey, the James Cannon Breakfast show:

 Hi James


My husband and I were on the bus from Woking to Camberley this

morning.  On board were about a dozen teenage school pupils from

Winston Churchill school. At 11 am the bus stopped and the bus driver

switched off the engine and asked the passengers to observe 2 minutes

silence. We were absolutely amazed at the respect shown by all

passengers including the school children until we resumed our journey.

After having numerous bus trips spoilt by rowdy children, it was so

uplifting to witness the impeccable behaviour of these young pupils

from Winston Churchill school. Well done to the school and its pupils!




Jean and Nigel from Addlestone

Well done to our students, although this is the standard of behaviour we have come to expect from the young people at Winston.  It is lovely that Jean and Nigel felt so strongly that they wrote in to the show, thank you.

In a second act of respect students in Mr McLeish's class have raised £50 for the Movember Appeal.  It reminds us that young people have the capacity and maturity to become citizens of whom we are very proud.

Friday, 15 November 2013

15th November 2013

Year 11 have completed their first week of Mock Examinations, which will help to inform students, staff and parents of the areas to work on to ensure future success. 
I had the great privilege of watching last year's Year 11 collect their certificates at Awards Evening. Our special guests included the Mayor and David Smith. The evening, organised by Mrs P. Taylor, my PA, was an outstanding celebration of a record breaking set of results.  Mr Reed, the Year Leader, introduced each student and there was an opportunity to remember the outstanding contribution they made to our school community.
Several members of staff are supporting 'Movember', I hope to bring you some photographs of their efforts in a couple of weeks, including one of Mr Burrows.
The new Catering Manager continues to develop the range of food on offer in the Dining Hall.  Staff and students have commented on the improvements made.


Year 7 students were developing new skills this afternoon in Technology using both food and textiles.  I believe that parents will be enjoying a delicious pasta sauce this evening.  The accuracy demonstrated when preparing the vegetables was excellent.

These Year 7 students have been learning to use the sewing machine and ways of enhancing fabric with the application of colour.  The students were learning how to sew a zip into their pencil cases.  I was impressed with the enthusiasm to complete the task and the precision displayed.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

8th November 2013

On Tuesday I was privileged to see The Winston Churchill School being presented with a Sports Award at the Surrey Sports Park.  The main speaker at the event was Baroness Sue Campbell, who addressed the issue of developing a sustainable model for sport through the primary sector and on into secondary schools.  Winston, under the leadership of Mr Fricker, achieved the highest number of gold medals in the county.
Mrs Zimmerman, a new Parent Governor, visited the school on Thursday to talk about future developments and to tour the site.  We were able to visit Science, Technology, English, Art and languages in the time available and observe a number of inspiring lessons. 
I was interviewed by Rachel Saker, from the Woking News & Mail on Friday, providing an opportunity to talk about the school and plans for the future.
Several appointments have been made this week, to address staffing needs in the short term.  A new member of the Maths Department will start on Monday 18th November and our new Drama teacher will be in school from the end of November in a supporting role.
Year 11 students will be taking their mock examinations over the coming two week period.  These examinations are important indicators and inform both teachers and students of the work that needs to be completed before the final GCSEs next summer.  
Preparations are also underway for Awards Evening, which takes place on Thursday 14th November, and is our opportunity to celebrate the success of our students and their record breaking results.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Comedy of Errors

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Shakespeare Schools Festival at the Camberley Theatre on Thursday evening.  I watched a total of four commendable performances but the Winston finale of a Comedy of Errors shone out in terms of its professional presentation, comic timing and outstanding performance of our talented students.  Under the direction of Mr. Donaldson and Mr. Jolly our students created this abridged version , making Shakespeare accessible to all. Well done Winston!!  The photographs show the elated students after their performance.