Saturday, 28 September 2013

27th September 2013

I have received a tremendous welcome to The Winston Churchill School and have enjoyed a productive three weeks.  There is such a variety of activities taking place within the school and this reflects the commitment I have been privileged to observe from both staff and students.  On Thursday we celebrated the European Day of Languages with quizzes, competitions and European snack foods.  There was music, images and interesting facts displayed in the lunch hall and staff dressed up to represent different countries.  On Friday I was invited to interview Year 11 students as part of their Enterprise Day experience and was very impressed with the mature way in which they handled a challenging set of questions designed to test the skills they had developed.  During the morning, on Friday, members of The Winston Churchill School Association (formerly the PTA) joined me for coffee to discuss future developments aimed at supporting our students and to review the new website.  During the summer break work was completed to install new stage lighting donated by The Winston Churchill School Association.  I hope that parents will continue to support this group as they make a significant contribution to the life of the school,including the Year 11 Prom, which can only take place if parents engage with their activities.  
Staff and students are currently focused on our school Open Evening, which takes place on Thursday 3rd October.  The Head Boy and Head Girl, together with the Senior Prefects, are helping to organise activities and preparing displays as they look forward to showing parents our school.  Senior staff are also busy taking parents on tour during the working day.