Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Activities Week

National School Sports Week

A huge range of opportunities have been offered to all of our students this week and I am very appreciative of the PE Department for the amazing job they have done to organise this event.

Every student has the chance to try something new and there have been a number of trips that students could participate in off-site.  The Maths Department have contributed to the week with Mathletics and community clubs have given up their time to allow our students to try out different activities.

Below are the images from the Tug of War Competition:

 The Staff/Student mixed Doubles tennis Tournament

Community Clubs Day

We were delighted to welcome a number of local clubs to Winston on Tuesday.  Students had to opportunity to spend 30 minutes with four different activities.  The coaches gave up their day to show students what they can get involved in outside of school.  The students didn't stop for the two hours moving from one activity to another, thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.




 Cheer Leading

Monday, 26 June 2017

After Class

After Class

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the School

It is time to book your tickets to enjoy the final Mr Jolly production at Winston!


Mr Jolly presented his thoughts on the valuing creativity even if you prefer other areas of learning and life.  Students had the opportunity to reflect on valuing the contribution made by other and how they could support them.

 A Taste of After Class!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Sport at Winston

National School Sports Week

Are you taking part?

English Schools Athletics

Yesterday our inter girls and junior girls competed in the regional round of the English Schools Athletics in Kingston. Both teams performed well up against 12 other district winning schools. Both teams were superb but the intermediate girls stole the show finishing an impressive 7th, only 12 points off a podium finish. Standout individual performances from Aimee Mattingley, Lois Henley, Simran Karia in their sprint races.

 As a PE department we would like to say a huge well done to everyone who represented the school and we look forward to more success later in the season.  

Congratulations to  the following girls:

Lois, Aimee, Rhianna, Grace, Monique, Priscilla, Kayla, Heather, Hannah, Holly, Esme, Simran, Lauren, Ella, Neve, Chloe, Caitlin, Genna, Carman, Jasmine, Georgia, Isabel, Evie, Katie and Emma.  

Year 10 Sports Day

I was only able to get up to the field for a short time this morning but managed to capture some 'all action' shots of Year 10 students taking part in Sports Day.  There will be more to follow next week!
 The High Jump

 The Javelin

 The Long Jump

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Learning at Winston


A number of students in Year 7 & 9 have been given the opportunity to use an iPad in their PE lessons this term. Students have taken this opportunity to video each other performing various techniques (bowling, triple jump etc.) in order to analyse and evaluate their performance.

Different Apps have allowed students to break their technique down with the use of slow motion and understand the biomechanics of their movements by viewing and measuring body angles.

Yr7’s have gone on to produce good pieces of homework that illustrate the similarities and differences in their cricket skills against a professional player. This has made students break down and review techniques to a greater extent and highlight key areas in which they could improve upon.

It has been great to see students working collaboratively to improve one another and has shown them how performance analysis is used within sporting situations, which they may wish to pursue in the future.   

Mr Martin

Making Concrete

Chemistry trip to the new library!

"8WE visited the building site to explore the materials used. They learnt about all the different types of concrete and colours they use blue, grey, red, white and orange. We also learnt that the cement can cause bad burns if you touch it as it causes an exothermic reaction." by Kam and Josh in 8WE.  8C2 also had the opportunity to visit the site and enjoy a lesson. 

The Environmental Classroom

 Mrs Harper had planned a lesson of reading and acting for 7CA2’ English class today so it was an ideal opportunity to make use of the Environmental classroom – and to find some shade from the hot sun. The class are studying the play ‘Paper Tigers’ which explores people’s attitudes to each other and prejudices.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Fashion at Winston

Fashion and Art Show

We would be delighted if you could join us for this event.  It will be Miss Barker-Dodd's last Winston Fashion Show and it promises to be both fun and  inspiring.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

More Concrete!

Library project Up-date

The Ground Work

 Filling the foundations.

 Delivery of the blocks at 6.30am to avoid the students.

The building is now starting to take shape.

 The block work is underway.

 This is the future for learning at Winston.