Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Fresher's Fair

On Wednesday 13th September the Year 7 attended Fresher's Fair.  This is an opportunity to see and ask questions about all the different extra curricular clubs available for them to attend.  With over 40 clubs show casing what they had to offer, there was a huge buzz in the sports hall.  What makes this event so much more than just a set of 'stalls', is the Year 10 and 11 Winston students, mainly Prefects, who are promoting these clubs and interacting with the Year 7 students.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

New Facilities

Multi-Purpose Courts

Winston has invested in a brand new surface to replace the old, crumbling tennis courts.  We have been told that we are the only school in the South East to have installed this type of surface.  It is suitable for netball, hockey, tennis and football training, as well as a number of other sports.  I am sure that the students will enjoy this new facility, although they can only use it if they are wearing trainers!  Thank you to Mr Phillips for researching this surface and for budgeting carefully to allow us to purchase this for our students.
                                                                    Laying the Carpet.

 Dressing the surface with sand.

Finished and in use!

Friday, 15 September 2017

At Our School

Assemblies This Week

I have had the privilege of taking assemblies this week on the theme of New Beginnings.  We looked at what that could mean and how individuals and the school are moving forward.  There was also an opportunity for a few reminders of expectations at Winston. 

Students then had time to consider what a planetarium is and how it can be used to enhance learning across the curriculum.  As we begin to plan the uses of this new facility, I asked students for ideas of who they would like to invite to our school to open the library.  All of their ideas have been compiled by Mr Fisher and the whole student body will have the opportunity to vote for their favoured candidate later this term.

Geography at Winston

Mr Doul's class are undertaking the 'Y7 Placecheck'. This introductory fieldwork tests the Year 7 students geographical skills and leads to a group-work task where students knowledge and understanding of geography, numerical and graphical skills are all tested in a project and presentation.

Ms Chapman's group undertaking a 'Microclimate Enquiry' into the variations in temperature, windspeed and conditions around the school site. This fieldwork leads to an assessment write-up in the form of a 'Microclimate' Report for the local council.

Roald Dahl Day

 7CN were treated to a special live broadcast in their English lesson in honour of Roald Dahl Day. The webcast gave them an insight into the Roald Dahl Museum, viewing some of Dahl's RAF uniform and some of his first drafts of his stories; they drew along with Quentin Blake; they saw a demonstration by YouTuber and Inventor Colin Furze and they figured out which characters they were most like - with lots of inventors and adventurers (and a couple of troublemakers too).

'I really enjoyed Roald Dahl Day. My favourite part was the Quentin Blake illustrations. After watching the video I want to read Billy and the Minpins!' - Megan Smith

'Roald Dahl Day was really fun. What I liked about the show was when they were in the museum and they looked at his drafts and books. It was very interesting. I would like to read his book the Minpins next time!' - Sehrish

'After watching this video I really want to re-read George's Marvelous Medicine for the 53rd time' - Scarlett Dawson

Science Department Training

The Science Department participated in a training session at the National Physical Laboratories in Teddington.

The school is planning to introduce liquid Nitrogen experiments for its students into the curriculum.  It is also possible for students and parents to take advantage of the facilities at NPL and visit them during their open days.


HUB Programme (Helping Understand Bereavement)

Woking Hospice are currently running the HUB Programme (Helping Understand Bereavement) at Winston Churchill.  This unique psycho-educational programme has been specifically designed to help children understand the complex aspects of bereavement and the possible responses they may experience.

The programme runs for 6 weeks and is once a week for an hour after school.  Over the 6 week period the students will receive hand-outs and worksheets, developing their own private portfolio of bereavement understanding and support.

We currently have 6 nominated students attending this programme and hope to be able to run other sessions, for other students, throughout the year.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Friday Lessons

Lessons on Friday

It was great to walk around the school on Friday morning to visit students in their lessons.  I also managed to see some of our new staff in action.  Students and staff have made a great start to the new academic year.
 Year 7 Drama with Mr Harrington-Tucker
 Drama with Mr Penfold
 Mr Phares in Music
 Miss White's Year 7 Science Class

 Dr Lau's GCSE Science Class
 Year 7 Baseline Test in Science
 Science and Nanotechnology
 Learning about Levers and Cams
 Resistant Materials Lesson
 Starting Food Technology
Year 7 History Period 2
 Mrs Davis in Art
 A History Lesson
 Experiments in Science

Queuing at the Pod. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

New Year, Great Start!

Welcome Back

I was very pleased to welcome our students and our staff back to school, for the start of the new academic year.  Every one is delighted with the GCSE examination results and further information regarding this success will be published over the next few weeks.

Welcome Year 7
First Assembly

Over 300 Year 7 students arrived on time, this morning, looking immaculate, ready to start their career at Winston.  Mrs Smith set out the expectations that we have for our students and introduced some key members of the team. 


Year 7 students have enjoyed an extra long lunch break this week to help them to establish a routine.

Friday, 1 September 2017

More Progress

For Your Children

On Tuesday 29th August the concrete floor slabs were flown into place!  This will enable
the final steels to be positioned and then the roof can be installed. 
At last it feels that significant progress is being made.

 On the right hand side of this picture you can see where the staircase is positioned.

 The height of the first floor is essential to accommodate the dome of the planetarium.

 By the time students are back in school the frame will be complete and the initial roof pieces will start to be installed.